Five Great Websites For Guys

boratI stumbled acroos these websites while doing research for the previous article “Five Great YouTube Videos.”  Ladies, feel free to take a peek, but these are definitely websites for guys.  They’re in no particular order…enjoy…

number1 – This is a really cool men’s magazine type of website / blog.  There’s tons of beautiful women, sports and a lot of really interesting articles. 

number2 – Awesome website with really cool pics, video and articles. 

number3 – This is a cool video portal website.  The site consists of all the latest funny videos on the internet.

number4 – Another awesome men’s magazine style website.  Lotsa beautiful women and some really, really funny stuff.  You can get lost in here for hours.

number5 – Quite honestly I don’t know what this website is.  The home page looks like a big shopping website, but somehow I landed on the page listed above, and I’m glad I did.  This is one of the best video compilations I’ve ever seen.  Check it out and let know if you figure out what this site is all about.