Five Great Christmas Charities

salarmyThis is one of the busiest times of the year for everybody. Throughout all the shopping and other craziness, we need to remember that this is the time of year for sharing and giving. Along with giving to your loved ones, you should consider giving to less fortunate people. Here are five great Christmas charities that would gladly take your donation.

number1  Toys for Tots Foundation – The Toys for Tots foundation was started by the Marines back in 1947 and has been helping supply toys for less fortunate kids ever since. Visit the Toys for Tots website to find out more information on how to donate. You can even donate online.

number2  Salvation Army Christmas Charity – We have all heard the bells dinging as we walk out of the store. The bell I’m referring to is the being rang by a volunteer for the Salvation Army who stands outside trying to collect donations into the famous red kettle. I always feel the need to put money in when I see them, especially if I am exiting the store because I just bought a more fortunate person a Christmas present. Visit the Salvation Army website for more details.

number3  The Holiday Project – The Holiday Project is aimed at senior citizens who are confined to nursing homes, hospitals, or other places. Christmas isn’t just for children, and a lot of older people in homes are rarely visited by loved ones. Visit their website for more information at

number4  Christmas Spirit Foundation – the Christmas Spirit Foundation is a charity that focuses on keeping the spirit of Christmas alive and well in the hearts of needy families. What I like about this foundation is that they try to do a lot for the troops serving our country. You can find out more info at .

number5  Angel Tree – Now before I explain this charity just note that I’m not a bleeding heart for inmates but it is Christmas and they do have kids that deserve a good Christmas. Angel Tree does just that, they give presents on behalf of their prisoner parents. Angel Tree is also a prison fellowship charity. These guys messed up, but we all deserve another chance. Visit the Angel Tree’s website for more info.

If you decide that you want to donate to charity, just make sure you know what they are doing with your donation. Whoever the charity is and whatever you donate, will be greatly appreciated.