Five Gifts For Your Father, The Sport’s Fan

With Father’s Day coming around the corner (June 20), I thought it would be a good idea to ramble off a few ideas for gifts. Although not backed up by any real statistics, I think it is safe to say that more men are sports fans than not. That being said, buying your dad something sports related is not a bad idea. If your dad is a sport’s fan than any of the following would make great gifts.

  Tickets to a Sporting Event
Obviously this isn’t a gift that he will be able to make any use out of, but he would still enjoy it nonetheless. If pops is a baseball fan then his holiday falls at the right time of the year, the middle of baseball season. Do your best to not get him nose bleed seats either, try to score some box seats. If dad is a football fan then buy him a voucher for a ticket so that he choose which game in the season he would like to go to. Remember, buy two and don’t assume he is going to take you.

  Day of Golf
You can do this in a couple of ways. You can schedule a tee time and take your dad golfing on Father’s Day, or you can buy a voucher and present it to your dad in a card so that he can schedule when it’s best for him. If you go the voucher route, make sure you let him know that you want to play too. If you go on Father’s Day, take it easy on the old man.

  Autographed Memorabilia
If your dad has been a long fan of a team, try to score something autographed by his favorite player of all time. This can get pricey but your dad will love it. Just make sure you don’t get fooled into thinking your buying something real special but the seller can’t prove its authenticity. Also, don’t try to fool your dad into thinking your giving him something special if you can’t prove its aunthenticity.

A good T.V. is a must-have to an avid sports fan. There is nothing like turning on a football game and being able to see the sweat beads on a players forehead that is standing 30 yards from the camera. Your dad, mom, and even you (if you’re still living at home) will have a huge appreciation for this gift.

  New Gear
If your dad has a hobby that involves sports, upgrade his current gear. If he is an avid golfer, buy him a new driver or putter. If dad bowls, take him to get new shoes or fitted for a new ball. Dad play softball? Hook him up with a new bat or cleats. If he fishes, then get him a new pole or lures. I think you get the idea.