Five Famous People Who Thought Their Mother Was Their Sister

Five Famous People Who Thought Their Mother Was Their Sister

People who thought their mothers were actually their sisters.Being born out of wedlock is the same as being called “illegitimate”.  In other words, the child was born of two parents who were not married at the time of birth.  There is another term for this, but it isn’t too polite.  However, what happens when your mother is actually your sister and your grandmother poses as your biological mom?  When do you tell your child the truth?  Do you ever?  What happens when the child finds out later in life?  Find out the five people who were deceived and who thought their mother was their sister while growing up!


Bundy, an American serial killer, was born in a home for unwed mothers.  To avoid the social stigma of having an illegitimate grandchild born to a young mother, his grandparents claimed him as their own.  They told young Ted that Louise was his sister and not his mother.  He did not discover the truth of his maternal parentage until at least the end of high school or perhaps in the first couple years of college.  The name on his birth certificate was Lloyd Marshall.  However, she later spoke of being seduced by a war veteran named Jack Worthington.  There is one other option, however.  Some members of Bundy’s family think that his grandfather may also be his biological father.  He was  mentally unstable, violent and abusive.  He would also fly into a rage if anyone spoke of Ted’s biological father.  This kid was pretty messed up before he even got started in life.



Eric Clapton, the British rock superstar never knew his father.  In fact, he grew up thinking that his mother, Pat, was really his sister.  In actuality, his father was a 24-year-old Canadian soldier stationed in England during Second World War, Eric Clapton was raised by his grandparents in Ripley, a village outside London.  Unlike many of the other celebrities on this list, Clapton found out the secret of his “sister” at a young age.  According to him, his father was a drifter who played piano and sang in bars before joining the Canadian army.  The father, an Edward Fryer, met Clapton’s mother Patricia at a pub.  It was a one night stand that left her with Clapton.  Fryer never knew about his famous son and died penniless in a Veteran’s hospital in 1985.




This great actor knew nothing about his sister being his mother until a reporter called him for an interview in 1974 while Nicholson was promoting his latest movie, Chinatown.  The reporter asked about Nicholson’s “mother”, which Nicholson denied.  At this point and time in his life, his sister and his mother had already died.  After a few phone calls, Nicholson was able to confirm this with his other sister (who was his aunt).  According to Jack, his mother, June, had gotten pregnant with him at the age of 16 with someone he still doesn’t know exists.  June’s mother wanted June to continue to pursue her promising dancing career, thus she would take care of Jack posing as his mother, with June as his sister.




This guy was an American singer, most famous for songs in the early 1960s, like “Splish Splash” and “Mack The Knife“.  His relationship with his sister/mother was revealed in the book, Bobby Darin: A Life, by Michael Starr. Darin didn’t have the whole truth until he was 31 years old.  At the time, Darin was running for political office and his real mother, Nina, didn’t want this to ruin his chances of winning with her “dark secret”.  It turns out that she became pregnant with Bobby in 1936, which was a scandalous sin at the time.  The news really hurt Bobby Darin who never spoke of it.


OK, so you may not know who Paul Nurse is, but this Nobel prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, may not have been surprised that he wasn’t the brother of his three (much) older siblings.  Of the four of them, he was the only one to go through school with honors and had an intuitive relationship with science.  While he would win the Nobel prize for his work explaining how DNA and cell’s work in 2001, he didn’t fully get a grasp of his own DNA until an accidental discovery when he was 58.  This President of New York’ Rockefeller University found out about his heritage after being turned down for citizenship in the United States by Homeland Security.  He was told there was a problem with the short-form version of his birth certificate, which did not contain the names of his parents, so he applied for a fuller version.  When this came back, he found out that his “mother’s” name was the same as his “sister”, Miriam.  He never found out the name of his father.