Five Famous Leprechauns

leprechaunWhile we are a week away from St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would be a good idea to take a look at some guys that help drive the holiday, Leprechauns. Leprechauns are known to be small, potato loving, shoe making, magical mischevious people who love their gold (or in some cases, cereal)  more than anything. Humans are always after their gold but they have to be very tricky in order to catch a leprechaun and get his gold. Here is a look at five famous Leprechauns that you could toast to while getting hammered on St. Patty’s Day.

number1  Evil Leprechaun from The Leprechaun Series
When I was younger this guy scared the hell out of me. As I got older he became more comical until he just became unbearable to watch. Played by Warwick Davis, The Leprechaun was a pretty funny little guy who would flip the switch the minute one of his gold schillings went missing. The best thing about The Leprechaun franchise is the funny limiricks he would come up with. It is widely overlooked that the ever so popular Jennifer Aniston starred in the first Leprechaun.

number2  Notre Dame Leprechaun
The Notre Dame Fighting Irish’s mascot is a Leprechaun. The mascot is always a student who wins the role through tryouts. Unlike the first Leprechaun mentioned, this leprechaun is a good one who leads the marching band to Notre Dame Stadium, leads the students in cheers at games, and does many other public appearances for the university.

number3  Lucky Charm Leprechaun
Lucky the Leprechaun is the mascot for the General Mills cereal Lucky Charms. Lucky was developed in 1963 and was also known as Sir Charms.  He is best known for running from kids trying to get their hands on his lucky charms. This obviously symbolizes humans wanting to get their hands on a leprechauns gold. Lucky’s most famous catchphrase is “They’re magically delicious!”

number4  Crichton Leprechaun
The locals in the small town of Crichton, Alabama claimed to have seen a leprechaun back in 2007. The alleged sighting began a media frenzy and soon thousands of people flocked to the small community to see if they could catch a glimpse of a leprechaun. The Irish were left to ponder “Why in the world would leprechauns leave Ireland for America?” Well I have an answer, Americans can be very greedy and leprechauns would love the chance to outwit and decieve some Americans.

number5  Lucky the Celtic’s Leprechaun
The former mascot for the Boston Celtics was always a fan favorite among the Boston fans. He was very energetic and did a lot in the community while representing the team. In January of 2009, Lucky was let go by the Celtics but he still vows to be the team’s number 1 fan.