Five Eighties Movies Where Nerds Are The Heroes

shortcircuitThe 1980s was a decade when nerdy computer geeks became the heroes.  As the computer age was just starting to blossom, the filmmakers of the eighties foresaw that these people were the ones destined to run the world.  If you grew up during this time (or are a fan of the decade), then you will immediately recognize these film classics.  If you haven’t seen them, you need to download these five best films from your Netflix subscription.



number1Wargames (1983)
Only on the silver screen could Matthew Broderick start World War III and armageddon with a phone modem and a Coca-Cola. He starts out playing a set of hacked games, but soon realizes the government is after him to find out why he’s launching nuclear missiles. This movie started the entire genre of computer geeks as the protagonist while Broderick uses his brain to save the world and get the girl, played by fellow eighties phenom, Ally Sheedy. If you walk away with any wisdom after watching this film, it should be: When a computer asks you“Shall We Play A Game?”  NEVER choose Thermo-nuclear War.




number2Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
This movie starts out with a touch of realism wrapped in a veneer of over-exaggeration.  A group of nerdy kids go to college and are immediately the focus of ridicule and harassment from the local fraternity.  So, instead of just taking the atomic wedgies and egg bombardments, they decide to form their own fraternity to combat their enemies.  This gets them involved in a fraternity Olympics where they soundly defeat the jock fraternity with ingenious solutions. They also show us that there is a little bit of nerd in everyone and the majority makes right.  OK, so maybe not so much realism…





number3Real Genius (1985)
When genius college students take a fifteen year old prodigy under their belt to build a laser for the government, all sorts of things could go wrong.  Especially, when one of those college students is Val Kilmer who is a smart alec on top of being just plain intelligent.  When they realize their school project is going to be used against people, they try their best to foil the “evil government” and the brown nose all in one fell swoop.






number4Weird Science (1985)
What are two nerds to do when it comes to getting girls?  Well, Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith have the solution: You create an android that looks like Kelly LeBrock! This film, by the late John Hughes,  also had early appearances by Bill Paxton and Robert Downey Jr.  With the ability to create a supermodel cougar, why would you ever go out with girls your own age?





number5Short Circuit (1986)
This movie brought us the slogan, “Number Five is Alive”.  Short Circuit is the second film starring Ally Sheedy on our list.  Steve Guttenberg stars as the scientist who has created the robot Johnny 5 for the U.S. government.  Johnny 5 has artificial intelligence and doesn’t want to work for the government and hides out with tree-hugging Sheedy who initially thinks he’s an alien.  His inventors are also looking for peaceful solutions to AI and help the robot make his escape.  Madcap adventures ensue as the government moves to put down the rogue Johnny 5.

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