Five Celebrities Who Claim To Have Seen UFOs


When we think about people seeing UFOs, we often picture a guy with a beer gut and overalls in a town that no one has ever heard of claiming the little green people came down and took his favorite hound dog.  However, there have been some famous people who have seen UFOs, as well.  Here are a list of famous entertainers who may had their own close encounter.

Jackie Gleason
Known as “The Great One”, Jackie Gleason was a famous comic that starred in the early television series, The Honeymooners.  In the mid-1960s, he started researching information on UFOs.  He became such a fanatic of the topic, his friend President Richard Nixon invited Gleason (later confirmed by his second wife, Beverly), in 1973, to witness some alien bodies that had crashed in the American southwest (Roswell, New Mexico, anyone?).  The alien tour was held at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida.  According to his wife, Gleason was taken to an unmarked building where he saw four embalmed bodies.  He had no information on bodies other than they were very small with bald heads and large ears. The story originally ran in the National Enquirer – and at the time, no one believed anything that paper wrote.  However, more and more events reported in papers like these are found to be factual and this could also be the case.  Gleason became one of the world’s leading collectors on UFO information and several of his friends confirm that the story was true.

Walter Cronkite
He was the newsman of the twentieth century.  It was from his lips that we learned of the death of John F. Kennedy and man’s first walk on the moon.  Cronkite, who worked for CBS, was so entrenched in middle America, that when he turned against the Vietnam War, President Lyndon Johnson exclaimed, “If I lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.” His UFO encounter occurred in the 1950s when he was asked, along with a group of reporters to witness the test of a new Air Force missile.  Just as the missile was about to be launched, a large, flying saucer-like object appeared at the site.  According to Cronkite, he couldn’t hear anything from the object due to the noise from the rocket. The disk, which was grey in color, sent a blue beam of light at the missile and held it in place about 70 feet off of the ground.  Guards and dogs were frozen in mid-step during the five minutes or so that this happened.  The missile exploded and the saucer disappeared.  The guard and the dog returned to normal.  The Air Force explained that what they saw was all part of an experiment to see the reaction UFOs would have on reporters, but Cronkite looked at it as a thinly veiled excuse.  However, the reporters were also told that they weren’t allowed to comment on the events.  Cronkite never said anything until an interview with Bill Knell, a UFO expert, in 1973.  Please note, Bill Knell has had some detractors who claim the entire story was false.  There have been several claims that this was not true, though he made his statements public well before Cronkite’s passing and the newsman did not refute the conversation.

Sammy Hagar
On the Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, Sammy Hagar, the lead singer for Van Halen, reported seeing a UFO in the summer of 1968.  I looked, but I couldn’t find the exact episode.  Although the transcript of the interview is really convoluted with Hagar’s barely perceptible grasp of the English language, he mentions having communication with the aliens and that the event turned his life on end.  According to Hagar, the aliens did some sort of a mind meld with him and he knew they were in some sort of space craft, while he was unable to move and bathed in a white light.  He said in his alien encounter that he was not hurt, but there are aliens out there – called “gray ones” – that do hurt people.  He also commented on the “fact” that there was no other life in our Solar System and that these aliens had come from somewhere else.  What’s scary is that the conversation also involved him talking about a whole lot of nonsense, too.  And this is the guy they replaced David Lee Roth with…???

Jimi Hendrix
Many people may not know, but this guitar legend was a firm believer in UFOs.  According to Hendrix, he had seen several UFOs in his lifetime and he once mentioned to a New York Times reporter that he was from Mars.  OK, well, that’s probably not true, but David Henderson, in his book The Life of Jimi Hendrix (1978) wrote that Hendrix also believed in life on other solar systems and that they had no interest in war with us.  That could be a lot of LSD talking, but Hendrix gave a concert in Maui, Hawaii, just a few weeks before his death on July 30, 1970.  During the concert – which was performed on the rim of a live volcano, several people – including Hendrix – reported seeing UFOs flying overhead.  The radio stations were called and people actually filmed the occurrence.

John Lennon
This founding member of the Beatles claimed to have seen a UFO outside of his window in New York City in 1974.  He was standing naked on his balcony with his assistant and girlfriend, May Pang, when a saucer-shaped object came into view.  According to Pang, they called the police that night to report it and were told to keep calm and that others had seen the same thing. Lennon would often talk about the event and even wrote a lyric in one of his songs about the encounter.

“There’s UFO’s over New York, and I aint too surprised…” – Nobody Told Me, from the album Milk and Honey (1984)

Lennon also used the encounter as part of his cover art on his Walls and Bridges album (1974) which was released two months after the encounter.

Did it really happen or were the two in a drug-induced shared hallucination?  The United States government was keeping close tabs on Lennon at the time, as well.  Could his encounter have been a government surveillance incident?