Five Best Things to Do in Oklahoma

The Field of Empty Chairs

The Field of Empty Chairs

OOOOOOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. Being from Oklahoma I thought I would give the Sooner State a shout out and give my five best list of things to do in Oklahoma. Here is what I got.

number1  Ride the Dunes at Little Sahara – Little Sahara is a state park in northwest Oklahoma. Whether you want to ride the dunes in dune buggies or tear them up with an ATV, this park will accommodate your needs. There are over 100 campsites and the height of the dunes range from 25 to 75 feet.

number2  Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum – If you would like to pay your respects to all of the victims from the April 19, 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City, then the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial & Museum is the place to be. The museum is an amazing experience that has a lot of things from the building and victims. The memorial is a breath taking sight including the Field of Empty Chairs symbolizing each victim lost in the bombing set up in 9 rows for the amount of floors in the building.

number3  Casinos Galore – I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that the state of Oklahoma has more casinos than Las Vegas, well believe it because it is true. The casinos in Oklahoma may not be as flashy or nice as the Vegas casinos, but you can do the exact same things once your inside………win money. Some of the casinos have a lot to offer but the majority are just plain buildings that are jam packed full of slots, but they are a good time.

number4  Camping at Lake Eufaula – Lake Eufaula is the largest man made lake in the state of Oklahoma. The shoreline covers 600 miles that includes some nice beaches and some rough bluffs. The bluffs are a good time to jump from (at some spots). The lake also has a ton of hot fishing spots. Lake Eufaula has a couple hundred campsites to accommodate your camping needs.

number5  Catch an OU Sooner Football Game – I’m sure that every college football fan thinks that experiencing a game at their team’s stadium is like no other. But going to an OU Sooner football game really is like no other. To put it into perspective think of it like this: Oklahoma is a state that loves football, but Oklahomans don’t have an NFL team to root for, so in retrospect that is why OU fans root twice as hard.

Oklahoma is a great state to visit, if your not into the flashy big city lifestyle. If you like to have a fun and somewhat adventurous time, give Oklahoma a chance, after all Oklahoma is OK.

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