Five Best Things About The Mobile Keg On Wheels

kegmobileWhat is the Kegmobile and where can you get one?  The Kegmobile is a mobile keg carrier that gives you the freedom to move about while hauling along your trusty beer on tap.  According to their web site, “In all of recorded history, the three defining inventions in the evolution of the modern man are:

Fire,  which we use to grill food and impress the ladies.
The Wheel which puts Hemi power to the ground.
Calculus which … well, trust me, it was pretty important. (They used it to design the Hemi, for instance.)

 …and now there is the Kegmobile.   No longer will you have to live like a frat boy, pumping away at a slowly warming keg.  Here are five reasons why you must have this beer transportation device!

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number1It’s a lot of beer and ice – on wheels!  The keg goes into the garbage can, the ice goes into the garbage can, the cold beer comes out of the keg and into you and your friends.  If your friends move, so does your Kegmobile.

number2 You get to put it together yourself.  The Kegmobile comes in a kit for you to easily build it yourself.  Men will want to be you. Women will want to have you when they realize your amazing ingenuity. 

number3The Kegmobile has tons of features!  Kegmobile fits all size kegs: Pony kegs, half kegs, full kegs – no matter what size the party, the fittings on your Kegmobile go with you.  The garbage can may wear out, but your fittings go with you whenever you need them.  Plus that, the keg is enclosed, so the beer stays cold and there is less waste!

number4Save Money with Kegmobile!  That’s right.  When your wife or girlfriend complains that you are spending too much money on beer, it will give you and excuse to buy the Kegmobile!  Buying beer by the keg is MUCH CHEAPER than buying it in the bottle.  Like we said above, with the cover on your garbage can closed, you use less ice to keep your beer cold – which means you BUY LESS ICE!   Put that together and the Kegmobile starts saving you money on your third use!  That’s WAAAAAY before football season even starts!

number5Be an early adopter.  Be the first on your block to make your own Kegmobile.  No one wants to be the second guy to have something this cool.  You have to be the first to be considered the “awesome guy with the Kegmobile”.

Price: Starting at $159.95 for the instructions and everything you need to turn an ordinary trash can into the ultimate tailgating accessory.