Five Best Things About Five Finger Shoes

vibramI worked for years in the shoe industry.  In that time, the manufacturer was always striving to find the perfect pair of shoes to fit the wearer.  Shoes were basically created to protect the wearer from hurting themselves while walking and running.  The body has adapted over millennia to ensure that we are able to walk on our two feet in the most optimum way.  Shoes actually detract from this, but now there is an alternative.  Vibram, the soling manufacturers have come up with a new shoe – the Five Fingers brand.  Here are five reasons you should get a pair of these shoes to wear.


number1The Five Fingers shoe is designed to replicate your foot and toes. While it might be deemed a gimmick like Crocs, these shoes actually do have some beneficial value in regards to the biomechanics of your foot.


number2The shoes consist of a minimalist design, actually having the five toes separated and the arch supported by a thin sole. The toe box of the shoe is also separate on each toe to protect the front of your foot.


number3The concept is that regular shoes prevent the natural movement of your foot.  With the Five Finger’s shoes, it is like a protective sheath over your feet.  Your foot moves in the way it was meant to move.  It takes a few days to get your feet to break in this new concept in footwear, but as soon as you do, your feet love the feel.


number4Vibram looked at all of the shoes on the market and realized that maybe these shoes – designed for arches, activity levels and sports may have been overprotecting the feet and not helping them at all.  That’s why they came up with this design to protect the feet while not really hindering them.


number5The shoe was originally designed for sailors who often work barefoot to keep their feet on the boat.  Soon, barefoot runners caught onto the fad and the Five Finger shoe has taken off from there with all people who like to have the feeling of being barefoot while still enjoying the protection of a shoe.