Five Best Steps to Being a Good Tweeter

twitter_birdAs you may have heard, Twitter is an amazing, yet addictive way to network.  Before you know it, you can be “tweeting” every minute of the day and checking to see who’s “twitted” back to you.  If you are new to the Twitter phenomenon here are some tips that can help you become a part of this fast-growing social network.

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number1Sign up for an account.  You can find Twitter at .  Fill out the form to register.  This will require your name, email address, and some personal information.  They won’t ask for a credit card since the service is free.  You will also be asked for a Username.  Make this something easily recognizable and that doesn’t look like a spam account. 

number2Keep Going.  The next thing you can do is include a picture of yourself.  I rarely befriend people that don’t have a picture.  Write a short bio and add links to your web site or blog.  You will find that you can easily customize your profile with


number3Get Friends.  Twitter is a social networking site.  You can scan your email services to get your first group of friends, but you’ll want to search for people that can help you with your business or personal hobbies.  You can find people using keywords.  You will also find people that blog will put their Twitter account on their blog.  If you start following someone you don’t know, send them a Tweet!  It is all about getting friends and following them.


number4Communicate.  Don’t sign people up and forget about the person.  They need to Tweet with you as much as you need to return the favor.  Remember to use interesting posts.  Don’t bore people to death with “Look at my blog!” posts.  Get out there and make friends.  Send them messages and write back when they respond.


number5Have Fun.  People like to have fun on Twitter.  You should, too.  It isn’t just about promoting yourself as it is getting people to follow you that have similar interests.  Tweet as much as you can and share your thoughts and opinions.  It is what Twitter is all about.


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