Five Best Starting Rotations in Baseball

Baseball has officially gotten underway, and I could seriously write post after post regarding the fact. As a fan of baseball, I’m a big fan of good pitching. I am a Texas Ranger’s fan so I especially know that an anwesome offense will not get you into the post season. Teams need a low overall ERA and excellent starting pitching. Here are the five best starting rotations in baseball. 

  New York Yankees
Let’s see why they are #1 shall we. Their 4th and 5th starters could be the #1 and #2 guys in a lot of other teams’ rotations. The ace is C.C. Sabathia, hands down one of the best pitchers in the league. A.J. Burnett is the #2 guy, followed by the very reliable Andy Pettite. #4 in the rotation is Javier Vasquez who is good for 200+ innings. The 5th spot was awarded to Phil Hughes over Joba Chamberlain, but both guys are very high quality #5 pitchers. This rotation gives the Yankees an oppurtunity to win everynight, regardless if the offense is hitting the ball or not.

  Boston Red Sox
This is what makes their rivalry so great with the Yankees. They are #1 and #2 in pretty much every area of the game…. on paper. The BoSox’s ace is Josh Beckett, who just got a new and very much deserved contract extension. #2 is John Lester, who’s story of overcoming cancer and then being an elite pitcher is amazing. John Lacker, the former LA Angels ace is the BoSox’s 3rd man in the rotation. He could be an ace on almost every team in the league. Knuckle-baller Tim Wakefield is the 4th guy, that spots fits him good in this rotation and Clay Buchholz brings up the rear in the 5th spot. Buchholz will be an ace somewhere, someday.

  Chicago White Sox
All I have to say is Mark Buerhle is one of the most exciting pitchers to watch, from his perfect game last year to his 1st game play of the year this year …. and he’s not even the ace. The Southsiders ace is Jake Peavy, and deservingly so, the guys has IT. Mark Buerhle is the #2 guy, read above. Gavin Floyd is #3 and he could be the ace of a lot of teams. #4 man is John Danks, who was the White Sox’s opening day starter last year. The 5th spot was given to Freddy Garcia who definitely has enough left in the tank to solidify his spot in any rotation.

  San Francisco Giants
Last year the Giants had the second lowest ERA in the league and led the league in K’s, Complete Games, and WHIP. I know they play in the offensively challenged NL West, but maybe the NL West is offensively challenged because they have to face the Giants so many times. The Giants ace is MLB’s BEST pitcher and two time Cy Young winner, Tim Lincecum, I believe that is enough said. #2 is Matt Cain, who like a lot of #2’s could be the ace elsewhere. Barry Zito is the 3rd man in the rotation. Although his contract is much bigger than his arm, he would be a fine 3rd man in most rotations. Jonathan Sanchez, former no-hitter hurler, is the 4th pitcher in the rotation and Todd Wellemeyer is holds down the 5th spot of this outstanding rotation.

  LA Angels
The Angels have a great top to bottom rotation. The ace of the equally talented staff is Jered Weaver who won 16 games last year. Joe Saunders is the #2 guy and he also won 16 games last year, the southpaw can be lights out. Ervin Santana is the 3rd pitcher and he can get to hit triple digits on the radar and oh yeah, he is a former 16 game winner (injuries limited him last year). Scott Kazmier, who is on the 15 day dl, is #4 in the rotation and he is the former ace of the Tampa Bay Rays. #5 guy is Joel Pineiro who brings in his veteran experience to sure up this rotation.

I was very tempted to put the Cardinals, Rays, Braves, Phillies, and even the Mariners on this list but I feel that my five are the best five. What do you think?