Five Best Sports Blogs

I am a sports nut. Always have been, always will be. Everyday I am on the major sports sites (ESPN, CBSsports, Foxsports) to keep up with the major sports headlines. When I am wanting to see the between the lines stories and here the fans points of view, I go to the blogs. Here are my five favorite sports blogs.

number1NFL Gridiron Gab
NFL Gridiron Gab is a great blog for NFL fans. The main blog consist of NFL headlines and side stories. What I like about the site is that each team has its own blog section, for instance Cowboys Gab or Seahawks Gab. The bloggers offer up some good posts that I find to be pretty unbiased.

number2SB Nation 
Yet another great, unbiased sports blog. SB Nation is a blog that covers all sports and provides fun, easy reads. They provide up to the minute updates and allow fans a chance to get their opinions voiced and read. Definitely a great sports blog.

Deadspin’s tag line is “Sports news without access, favor, or discretion” and it is indeed that. I enjoy reading Deadspin because it looks at the players lives outside of their respective sports. Don’t get me wrong, they still cover sports but they also supply us sports fans with our version of People or In Touch.

number4Baseball Musings  
This blog is obviously for baseball fans. They provide up to date updates on all teams and baseball news and are unbiased. If you haven’t noticed I really enjoy reading unbiased sports blogs. Baseball Musings also provides a lot of links to different sites that have really cool features regarding baseball. Musings is a definite bookmarker for baseball fans.

number5Stupid Sports Blog
I find the editor of this site very funny (although they are big time Dallas Cowboys haters). This blog is intended for laughs and stupidity, which is right up my alley. I am not being mean by saying stupidity, it says on the site that all sports blogs are stupid and this one is trying to be the “stupidest.” Stupid Sports Blog is a good site if you aren’t looking to read serious analysis of every thing that goes on in sports, it is intended to poke fun and it does so, brilliantly.