The Five Best Scary Diets

Scary Diets

If you have seen the news lately, you probably have heard about Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukrianian model they call “The Living Barbie”. She is currently on a diet where she wants to live on sunshine and air. This crazy diet is called, Inedia, and has been in practice for several decades. It is also the cause of death in several of its followers because it is not healthy. Really? You are probably as shocked as I am that a person cannot survive on air. It is a dangerous way of losing weight and if you are considering such a radical approach to “health”, you should see a doctor so he can slap you. As ludicrous as this diet sounds, it is not the only diet of its caliber available. I scoured the internet and have found five of the scariest diets for you to avoid.


This diet is downright dangerous. It’s followers are so zealous with its results that they may run you down with a car for saying something bad about it! However, it is practiced by many people around the United States despite its actual health dangers. The HCG diet started in the 1950s and it combines a 500 calorie a day diet with injections of a drug known as, Human Chorionic Gonadatropin or HCG. Sounds pretty scientific, doesn’t it? It’s not. HCG is a fertility drug that is made from the urine of pregnant women. Yuck! They inject you with someone else’s urine. Think about that! Most of us don’t want to be around a public toilet, let alone have that in our bloodstream. What is worse is that studies have shown that HCG doesn’t really do anything for you. It’s a placebo. You are really just losing the weight because you are living on 500 calories a day.



This diet comes out of South America and was reported by ABC News in 2013. It sounds sort of like something you’d hear in a Frankenstein movie. Basically, with the Tongue Patch diet, a doctor sews a plastic shield to your tongue so you can’t chew or swallow – and you lose weight! That’s right, folks. You have something sewn onto your tongue that prevents you from eating and you lose weight!  This is only supposed to be a short-term diet, but why would you want to do it? The diet promises to help you lose 20 pounds in 30 days. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? In addition to your plastic tongue patch, you drink everything on your new diet, which works out to about 800 calories a day.



Many years ago, people would eat undercooked food that contained contaminants, such as worm larvae, and would have something known as a tapeworm. This parasite would grow in their bodies and feed off of whatever they were eating. Someone came up with the smart idea that you could do this ON PURPOSE to lose weight and voila! The Tapeworm diet was born. Note: buying tapeworm larvae in the United States is illegal and is not approved by the FDA. Why, you ask? Because you can die from malnutrition or worse, the tapeworms may eat through your intestines and cause your body to go septic. This is when your body fills up with your own waste products and you die. Nevertheless, people still use this diet for weight loss. It is dangerous. It is unhealthy. It can kill you. If you need any more proof that this is bad, see if Alien is playing on Netflix. That should be enough to change your mind.



Of all of the diets on this list, this is possibly the least disgusting and most famous of the bunch. The Master Cleanse diet has been around since 1940s and has been promoted by some of Hollywood’s elite stars. They swear by it. They claim it helps them lose weight for movies and if you try it, you will lose weight too! So what is it? The nitty gritty of this diet is: Lemon Water, Maple Syrup, and Cayenne Pepper. You drink only this for 10 days and you should lose weight. No kidding! You are consuming less than 600 calories a day and starving yourself of important nutrients, such as protein. While this diet will help you lose weight, it does so at the expense of cannibalizing your muscles. You end up being thin, but you also become weak. This is fundamentally another starvation diet. A doctor will tell you that cutting back on your calories and increasing your exercise will have the same effect and be better for your body.



I don’t have a video for this one because it has pretty much been outlawed as a dietary choice. However, many people swore by this diet. The Last Chance diet, which was also known as the Prolinn Diet, starves the person to death on a 400 calorie protein drink. If visions of chocolate and strawberry shakes are going through your head, forget about it. Try gelatin-like flavor mush made with real animal horns and hooves. Not so appetizing, is it? The Last Chance diet grew to prominence in the 1970s, but then received bad press when over 50 people died from heart attacks while following the regimen.  Was it their weight or was it the diet? Either way, this diet is dangerous.