Five Best Odd Vacations

vacation-2I don’t know if you’ve heard, but myFiveBest also offers a web site for vacationers.  It is aimed mainly for men, but ladies, you’ll want to know where the men will be this summer so check it out.  The site, is chock full of cool and exciting vacation stories, places, and more.  Here are five favorite spots for you to check out this year if you want to do something different.

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number1Who’s Going Out For Beer?
How much do you love beer?  How much do you love Samuel Adams beer? Dude, I have the trip for you!  You have to book a trip on the Samuel Adams Hopfenpflücken Adventure.  On this trip, you get to go with the Samuel Adams execs and fly over to Germany and see what they know about BEER!  And the trip doesn’t stop there, you get to check out how they make beer, learn the history of beer, and you get to drink lots of beer!  The trip is put together by travel gurus Abercrombie & Kent and costs $3597.  You better work fast though because the bus is leaving on July 31!
Samuel Adams Hopfenpflücken Adventure


number2Easy Riding
If you are a motorcycle fan, the place where you are going to want to go (besides one of the many rallies they have throughout the year) is the place where the mother of all motorcycles lives – The Harley-Davidson Museum!  Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the trip is an easy drive on your hog and only costs $16 to get in the door.  There you can look through the 2 story museum over Harleys from yesterday. Stop by their museum gift shop for some branded items and pick up some lunch on the way out!  If your kid is riding in your sidecar, they get in free every Sunday.
Harley-Davidson Museum


number3Four Score and Seven
The Civil War is long over, but you can still tour the Battle of Gettysburg – from horseback!  Brought to you by Artillery Ridge Tours, you can spend a couple of hours wandering around Gettysburg Battlegrounds just like General Lee did it during the actual battle!  Bring your buddies because it costs you less in a group!  Six of you can spend two hours on a horse with a guide for a mere $20 each, or double the time for double the cost!  Go it alone and it is costing you $70 for the two hour tour.  This is truly a wonderful way to learn about history and get in some fun.Gettysburg Horse Riding Tour


number4On Guard!
Some of us are geeks and some of us find it fun to beat the crap out of our friends with plumbing supplies.  That’s why there is the Fantasy Weekends available through NorthCoast Nero, LLC.  For a weekend, you can dress up as fantasy warrior, wizard, or thief and fight off an array of monsters, goblins, and bad guys. The fun never stops from Friday night to Sunday morning as you get the opportunity to slay, skewer, and rob your buddies!  The weekend event happens once a month in Northeast Ohio and only costs $40 to play in the game.  Who said you never had a little Conan in you!?!
NorthCoast Nero Fantasy Weekends


number5Pirates vs. Ninjas

I don’t know if there is any validity to this story, but Austrian business newspaper reported that Russian Cruise Lines are offering Pirate Killing Cruises off the coast of Somalia!  For $5750/day, they arm you, put you in a yacht and boat you around the Somalia coastline in the hopes that pirates will attack and you get the chance to strike back!  You can even rent additional weapons and bullets! There’s no link on this one.  I guess no matter where you are in the world, you can get in trouble for charging people to murder others – even pirates.