Five Best Movie Santas

asnersantaChristmas movies are one of the best things to get you in the Christmas mood, if your aren’t already. I can’t recall a single Christmas movie that doesn’t at least have a mentioning of Santa Clause, not to mention an appearance. The ones where Santa appears, though, always seem to be the best. Here are my five best movie Santas.

number1 Edmund Gwenn (Miracle on 34th Street)
Gwenn really did a great job in his role as Kris Kringle. In fact, he won an Oscar for his role. Of all the Santas, Gwenn seemed the most realistic and his eyes just seemed so warming and welcoming, like Santa’s would. I bet when kids think of what Santa is like, Edmund Gwenn would fit the description.

number2 Tim Allen (The Santa Clause)
Tim “The Toolman” turns in a great performance as Santa Clause in all three of the Santa Clause movies. He brings about a lot of humor and a spin on the whole idea of Santa Clause. He starts off as a normal guy who takes over as Santa Clause after the original falls off of his roof. He transforms from somewhat of a “scrooge” to a holly jolly white bearded Santa Clause.

number3 Edward Asner (Elf)
A bit rough around the edges, Asner is sort of the typical “old man” Santa. He doesn’t have a very large role in the movie but he still makes a great impact as Santa. One thing about Asner is that he looks like a very wise man, which is a must for Santa. He nails the role of Santa when it comes to dealing with Will Ferrell’s character Buddy, and then puts a spin on Santa by griping about getting too old for his job. All in all, Asner makes good Santa Clause.

number4 Douglas Seale (Ernest Saves Christmas)
That’s right, Ernest Saves Christmas. Seale gave a very underrated performance as Santa in this movie. He is everything I always thought Santa would be like when he is talking about Christmas and trying to pump everybody else up about Christmas. I’ll admit that the movie itself wasn’t very good, but Seale’s performance as Santa, A+.

number5 Richard Attenborough (Miracle on 34th Street 1994)
Who says Santa Clause can’t be British? Attenborough turned in a fine performance as Santa in the 1994 remake of the popular Miracle on 34th Street. However, he wasn’t as good as Edmund Gwenn in the original. He did have everything that most would imagine Santa to have, rosy red cheeks, warm eyes, and he carried himself as a very believable Santa. If Attenborough would have been used as Santa in an original movie, then he could top the list.