Five Best Mel Gibson Movies

Mel Gibson is one of my favorite actors. I can’t think of any movie of his that I didn’t at least enjoy a little bit. He has been on a bit of a messy road of late, but I don’t care about his personal life. I am all about the on screen Gibson. Here are my five favorite Mel Gibson movies and remember, these are my opinion if you feel the need to come down on my choices, post your own five! 




I think this movie would top a lot of Gibson’s fan’s list. Any movie that can keep my full attention for 3 hours has to be a great movie. Something about Mel Gibson and war movies really hits the nail on the head. Gibson portrays a man named William Wallace, a warrior from Scotland who leads a war for independence. The movie has all the awesome war scenes you could ask for. Crappy way to go down at the end of the movie though.






  The Patriot
I actually went to the movies to see this one twice. I love watching war movies, especially ones where they line up across from each other and fire at will without taking cover. I love the old ways of war. Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, an American war vet who does everything he can to avoid going into the Revolutionary War. After his middle son is killed by a British Colonel, and he fails to stop his oldest son from joining, Gibson’s character joins into the war and heads up the militia. From then on out Gibson and his men inflict pain and death. One of the best all-time battle scenes comes from this movie when Gibson and his two younger sons kill several British soldiers. Great movie all around!

Mad Max (1979)
This movie is awesome! It is set to take place in post apocalyptic-like Australia. Mad Max, played by Gibson, is hellbent on getting revenge on the gang who ran down and murdered his wife and son. That plot says it all, and I could honestly watch this movie 10 times in a row. The scene that sums up the movie: Mad Max handcuffs Johnny the Boy to a wrecked vehicle and sets a timer for a bomb attached to the vehicle. He then gives Johnny a hacksaw and tells him that he could saw through the cuffs in 10 minutes but if you were lucky you could saw through your ankle in five. Hardcore!





  Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon really allowed Gibson to play the character he was meant to play, a funny yet mentally unstable action hero. Gibson plays police officer Martin Riggs, and provides the perfect balance between comedian and bad ass cop that you don’t want to mess with. Starring alongside Gibson was Danny Glover who played Roger Murtaugh. The two have a great chemistry and there was no question as to why there was a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th installment.







Signs (2002)
Signs, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, was one of the highest grossing movies of 2002. The movie revolves around Graham Hess, played by Mel Gibson, who is a former minister who has two children and recently lost his wife due to a car accident. The movie takes on a few angles, one the fact that aliens are invading and causing all kinds of panic. The other being about a minister who has lost faith in God. Gibson plays the part perfectly, I really couldn’t see anyone else playing the part.

Note: I did not include the Passion of the Christ because Gibson did not appear in the film. However, I do think that it was an awesome film.