Five Best Horror Movie Series

halloweenposterThe past few weeks I have broke down a few of my favorite horror movie series. Halloween is approaching and there is no better time of the year to stay up late watching scary movies than this time of the year. (Unless you are me and would have your house decked out in horror movie memorabilia if the fiance would let me). Here are my five best horror movie series.

number1  Halloween – Halloween had the best music, the best acting, the best suspenseful scenes, and most important of all the best killer. Michael Myers, to me, is the scariest of all the iconic killers in slasher films. Something about the way he is so silent and never ran anywhere, yet always seemed to get you. When I was younger I always thought that there would be no getting away from this guy because he has no problem killing all of his victims and he never runs, so imagine if he ran for his victims. Michael’s mask is what was always scariest to me. That blank white mask still creeps me out today.

number2  Friday the 13th – Jason Voorhees is one scary dude. The hockey mask is pretty intimidating. The whole story that goes with Friday the 13th is great, probably better than the story behind Halloween, however the acting throughout this series is horrid. However, throughout the bad acting this series really was pretty scary. If they would omit Jason Goes to Hell from this series, it would be even better.

number3  Nightmare On Elm Street – Freddy Krueger is perhaps the most popular of all the iconic horror movie killers, but he lands at third on my list. This series had potential to be the best horror movie series ever but they makers of the films decided to turn Freddy into a comedian rather than keep him a scary villain that attacks us while we sleep. Bad move if you ask me, but the series still turned out well, and really bounced back from a few bad movies when Wes Craven came back for Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. All in all this series will still give you the creeps.

number4  Scream– I know I might catch some flack for putting this series on the list but when those movies came out they were pretty scary. The first Scream rushed in a new era of scary movies and even inspired main stream spoofs of the movie. The second Scream wasn’t very good but I thought they bounced back well with Scream 3. The Ghostface mask and costume also became a huge hit after this movie. Lastly, you know you would be lying if you said that you haven’t called somebody and said “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

number5  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – When this film came out it said that it was based on true events. We all now know that the phrase base on true events can be used very loosely. The events that this was based off of was the murders committed Ed Gein. Ed Gein didn’t even use a chainsaw. Despite there not being a real chainsaw flailing mad man (who wails like a girl) cutting people up in Texas, this movie was still great. The second and third ones I could do without but The Next Generation was actually pretty good and so was the remake. I was always afraid of this movie because I thought that all this stuff happened in Texas and I grew up in Oklahoma, a bit of scariness was taken away after I found out that it wasn’t true.