Five Best Cell Phone Providers

cell phone serviceJust about everyone has a cell phone today.  How do we know what service to pick, though?  We see the commercials on television all the time.  “Can you hear me now?”  The cell phone companies spend millions telling you they are the best service, but which ones truly are?  Here is a list of the best cell phone service providers based on criteria that you, the user, needs to know.  What service are you currently using?  Do you have problems with it?  Would you recommend it to others or is it complete garbage?  Let us know!

myfivebest -1Verizon
There is a reason this provider is the largest in the United States with over 92 million subscribers.  While they stayed in second place for years, their recent acquisition of Alltel Wireless advanced them above their largest competition, which was AT&T.  Verizon was the first wireless company to add unlimited usage plans and has many flexible plans based on your needs for texting, phone calls, and internet usage.  They offer great customer service and have been tested to be the most reliable telephone service.  The downside of Verizon is its very high early termination charges when placed beside comparable cell phone plans.  Another problem, in my opinion, is their inability to serve Apple’s iPhone, which is arguably the best cell phone available.

myfivebest - 2AT&T
Number two on this list is AT&T.   They used to be synonymous with the word “telephone”, but have slipped to number two in the wake of Verizon.  One of the benefits of AT&T is the wide range of phones that are available through their service.  It is the largest in the industry, including many free and low-cost options.  This includes the iPhone, which is possibly the best smart phone on the market.  As far as 3G Data capability, AT&T is the fastest service with the widest coverage.  One major complaint amongst customers, however, is that AT&T has spotty service that can drop calls.  From my own experience, Verizon has better service coverage than AT&T, but doesn’t offer the phones that I want.  For phone plans, they are almost identical to Verizon, of whom they copied.  AT&T does offer rollover minutes if you don’t use everything in your plan each month.  This puts them apart from other wireless services.

myfivebest - 3Sprint
Once a giant in the wireless industry, Sprint has fallen in recent years.  However, to set them apart, they use a lot of unique data plans and a “Simply Everything” plan starting at $100/month that can’t really compare to anything the other companies are offering.  Some of their phones also offer the Direct Connect feature which is similar to a walkie-talkie between phones.  This can be more beneficial if you use all of the features on the plan.  Because they offer so much with their all-inclusive plans, the traditional phone services are pretty limited.  They are trying to get you to purchase the inclusive services.  They are the first wireless service to offer 4G connectivity, however, they don’t have a wide variety of options in smart phones.  Sprint also offers a GPS tracking with its phones that allows you to use interactive satellite maps to stalk your own family members.  Seriously, this is very good for keeping track of where your kids are.  Entertainment options include Sprint Music, Sprint Radio and Sprint TV. Sprint Music has over two million songs available for over-the-air download directly to the phone. Sprint Radio allows for streaming of commercial free or local radio stations and Sprint TV offers a wide variety of shows, news, sports and movies. A wider variety of programming can be accessed by subscribing to Sprint TV Xtra for an additional $9.99 a month.  On the downside, they have a high early termination charge and poor customer service ratings.

myfivebest - 4T-Mobile
If you are looking for an economical plan that is cheaper than the other characters, T-Mobile is the service you’ll want to consider.  The plans are customer-friendly and try to hit everything that the user will need.  However, with the good their comes the bad, as well.  he carrier’s downside continues to be the reach of its network. Customers report more areas without service outside of their home area than the other national cell providers. The situation is worse for data service than voice, with the expansion of its 3G network being painfully slow.  This means, you should check availability in your area before you buy and don’t plan on traveling too much.  Their customer service, however, is fantastic.  Only Verizon shows better than T-Mobile and that is only marginal.  Besides cheaper services, they offer the first available Android phone, Blackberries, and other Microsoft-based cell phone devices.  Early termination is a little on the high side and T-Mobile doesn’t offer many additional services like music or streaming television services.  This won’t matter if you plan on using these devices as merely a phone.

myfivebest - 5Boost Mobile
A relative newcomer to the wireless industry, Boost Mobile is a pre-paid service.  For the most part, the pre-paid phones are considered a second class citizen compared to the monthly plans, but this is the best of its kind.  Boost Mobile offers some innovative and well-priced programs that are causing many people to rethink their opinions about pre-paid carriers. Their selection of phones is also improving quickly.  When people think about pre-paid phone services, their first thought is likely to be of a simplified service which you need to add minutes to a plan at the most inconvenient times. Boost Mobile’s monthly unlimited plan is completely different!  The plan costs a flat $50.00/month which includes all of the taxes and regulatory fees that are extra with just about every other phone plan. It covers unlimited nationwide voice calling, including long distance, with no roaming fees. It also offers unlimited text, multimedia and instant messaging and web access. As an added bonus, the program even includes Push-to-Talk walkie-talkie service for phones that are so equipped and 411 directory assistance. That compares favorably to Sprint’s Simply Everything plan at half the cost. We think the comparison is significant, especially given that Sprint owns Boost Mobile and the services operate on the same network.  So what is the downside?  If you go with the standard pay-as-you-go, you are looking at ten cents a minute or ten cents per text.  Also, Boost Mobile’s phones are kind of expensive by comparison to other wireless services and you don’t have many choices.  However, they do offer a Blackberry Curve smart phone.   More importantly, fees that are associated with contract-based cell phone plans simply don’t exist with Boost. There’s no activation fee, early termination fee or roaming charge, ever.