The Countries Who Drink The Most Beer Per Capita

The Countries Who Drink The Most Beer Per Capita

countries who drink the most beerIt’s football season and it’s time to sit back and drink some beers with your friends and chow down on some wings. Right? Americans love their beer. It can’t be denied. However, are Americans the biggest beer drinkers, per capita, on the planet? Would it surprise you that we’re not even close to the top of the list? In fact, we’re 12th when it comes to beer consumption, per person. Here’s a list of the countries who drink the most beer on the planet, suggested by myFiveBest reader and world-traveler, Logan H.

Czech Beer


This central European country has been the leading consumer of beer for many years. As beer drinkers go, this country is the gold medal winner with a whopping 35 gallons of beer consumed by each man, woman, and child! They take their beer seriously, too. They’ve been brewing it since the 12th century and have two large (Plzeň and České Budějovice) cities that are known for its breweries. Incidentally, those two cities translate into Pilsner and Budweis in German. Sound familiar?



German Beer


It is probably not a big surprise that Germany made the list of large quantity beer drinkers. Germans consume about 28 gallons of beer per person. The Germans are so serious about their beer, they have an entire government office dedicated to the “German Beer Purity Law”. This regulates what is allowed to be put into German beer and ensures that it is of a quality to be truly “German”.  The law has been around since 1516.  Popular German beers are: Oettinger, Krombacher, Bitburger, and Beck’s (which can be found in the U.S.).



Austrian Beer


On Germany’s heels is its neighbor, Austria, with just a liter less of beer consumption. The difference between the two countries is mainly their restrictions on beer making. While Germany has strict rules on what goes into the creation of their beer, Austria allows for easier controls and more microbreweries. Gösser, Puntigamer and Murauer are their most popular brands and all of them are hundreds of years old.



Irish Beer


The Irish have always been categorized for their fighting and their drinking. It is no wonder they have made our top five beer consumption list. While hops are not native to Ireland, in the last part of the 18th century, they became a leading import for the Emerald Island. This changed Ireland’s beer manufacturing from Ale to Porter. By the early 19th century, beer became of of Ireland’s chief exports to England. Today, the Irish, who drink about 27 gallons of beer per year, per person, are known for their Guinness and Harp beers that are exported throughout the world.



Estonian Beer


A surprising country to make the top five list is this small, Baltic state in northern Europe. If you think that this little country doesn’t know anything about beer, then you’re wrong. They’ve been brewing it since before the Vikings and their major brewery, Saku, has been around since 500 AD. That’s about the same time France was formed as a nation and King Arthur may have been around! The Estonians started brewing beer as a sacrificial drink for their early gods and then realized they liked the taste and the effects it had on them. Today, every man, woman and child consumes about 24 gallons of the stuff to keep the chill off those northern European nights.