Five Best Apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch

apps_mainHaving been an iPhone user since the first generation, I recently upgraded to the 3GS.  This, along with the iPod Touch have hundreds of Apps (short for applications) to choose from.  An App is a mini program that will allow you to play a game, organize your life, or serve some sort of  function on your phone.  There are hundreds of  apps, but I’ve found five that I enjoy using on a regular basis.  Here is a list of my five, but I’d love to hear the ones you are using.  You have to pay for some of these, while others are free.  Enjoy and let everyone know what you are using!



apps_textfreeIf you are a texter, you know that there is a charge for all of those little instant messages.  For about five dollars a month, AT&T gives you 200 texts per month.  Two hundred texts can be done in a single day!  We’ve found that the TextFree Unlimited app lives up to its name!  With this app, you can send unlimited texts from  your iPhone or iTouch to any U.S. Mobile phone.  The replies are free, as well!  Additionally, you can assign different sounds and skins to different friends, so you know who is texting you.  You can get notifications when you aren’t in the app and there are no limits!  Price: $5.99/year.  Only good on OS3 iPhones and iPod Touch.  Also, there is a TextFree Lite if you are worried about trying out the app before you buy it. 


number2Image Manipulation
apps_photoshopIf you love taking pictures, the problem you may have is that sometimes the images have extra “stuff” in the frame or you get a yellow shade from the lights around you.  Well, you are in luck, because Adobe has this neat little app called Mobile and it is FREE!  With this app, you can edit and share your pictures right from your phone and share them with your friends.  You don’t have to have a degree in graphic design to use this app, either.  Simply touch one of the editing options and slide your hand across the screen and Voila!  You’ve edited your image and it is ready to post!  You can even do borders, turn your images to black and white, and use filters to turn the pics into sketches.  Price: Free



number3Sharing Information
apps_bumpOK, so you have friends that have the iPhone, too.  You want to share pictures and contact information?  Why go through the trouble of email when you can just Bump them.  Bump is an ingenious app that lets you just flick your hand and send a contact or photo over to your buddy.  The information is automatically saved right to your contact list or photo album.  Currently, this is only availble on the iPhone 3G and higher and the iPod Touch, but will soon be available for other applications.  Bump is a free app and both parties must have the app loaded onto their devices. Price: Free




apps_shazamYou’re driving down the highway and a song comes on the radio that really sounds good – but what the hell is it?  Who is singing? You have no clue until you download Shazam.  This app allows your Apple device to “listen” to the song being played and it will automatically give you information on the tune.  When you hear a song, open up Shazam and place the microphone as close to the source of the music as possible.  From experience, you don’t even have to be that close.  My wife and I were in a restaurant last week and I just turned Shazam on and it identified the song over people talking and dishes clattering.  This app will also take you immediately to the YouTube video of the song or Apple’s iTunes to download it to your device.  It also offers information on the band, the album, and discographys.  If you really dig the tune, just tweet it from you phone or email it to a friend.  Price: Free!



apps_tangramI love games and one of the most mind-exercising and enthralling games to download is Tangram Puzzle Pro.  This game is a classic geometry puzzle (540 in all) that is made up of 7 shapes ranging from triangles of different sizes, squares, and parallelograms.  With easy one finger motions, you can move and rotate the pieces around the screen to form intricate shapes.  You can connect to Facebook to show off your scores and there is a light music in the background (or you can play your iTunes).  This game is literally hours of fun and you can always go back and try the puzzles again.  Price: Free for the Lite version and $0.99 for the Puzzle Pro.



Well, that’s my list.  Since there are so many apps out there, I am sure you can come up with some more and we’d love to hear about them, since we’re app junkies!  Please note, Apple nor the application developers have not paid us to endorse any of these products.  We have personally tried all of the applications ourselves and enjoy using them.  We get paid by the use of affiliate programs through the links and ads found on our web site.  Please feel free to check out our products.  This disclaimer is in compliance with the new FCC code for product transparency.