Five Best Adam Sandler Movies

sandlerThe local Movie Gallery is going out of business so of course I have been there buying everything they are selling. I bought Funny People a few days ago and as I was watching it I was thinking, “Is this one of Adam Sandler’s better movies?” Adam Sandler is either loved or hated it seems like and you can place me in the love category. He is hilarious, and here are the top 5 Adam Sandler movies.

number1  Billy Madison
Call me juvenile, but I think Billy Madisonis Sandler’s funniest movie. I’m a random humor kind of guy and Billy Madison features plenty of random, pointless humor spots. Sandler plays Billy Madison, a spoiled underachiever who has to go back and re-do school (K-12) in order to take over his father’s company. One thing about this movie that I will keep forever is “O’doyle Rules!”

number2  The Wedding Singer
In this 80’s themed movie, Sandler plays a wedding singer who is trying to put his life together after his fiance doesn’t show up at the alter. Also starring Drew Barrymore as Sandler’s love interest, The Wedding Singerwas kind of a transition movie for Sandler because there was actually a good story and Sandler didn’t have to go to the slapstick comedy because the comedy was naturally there. Although very cheesy (because of the 80’s) The Wedding Singeris one of Sandler’s greatest.

number3  Big Daddy
Big Daddy
features Sandler and his cast that seems to go with him in every movie that he stars in (Allen Covert, Jonathan Loughran, Peter Dante, and Rob Schneider). Sandler plays an out of work man living in New York City living off of lawsuit money from being ran over by a cab. After his girlfriend dumps him he tries to impress her by taking on a father role to a boy that was dropped at his doorstep claiming to be his roommate’s child. Big Daddy has a good mixture of slapstick comedy and just flat out good writing.

number4  Funny People
Anything directed by Judd Apatow is going to get a thumbs up from me. Sandler plays a successful comedian who learns that he has a fatal illness. He decides to go back to his roots in stand up comedy and enlists in a character played by Seth Rogan to do his writing. Funny Peoplehas a darker side to it that Apatow really hasn’t shown in any of his films, but the laughs come a lot more frequently. Funny People definitely does not disappoint.

number5  Reign Over Me
Sandler proved that he can do a whole lot more than comedy with Punch Drunk Love, however  Reign Over Me what has made the list. Starring alongside Don Cheadle, Sandler plays a man who lost his family in the 9/11 attacks. He is totally shutdown and is completely carefree. Cheadle’s character is responsible for trying to break through and help Sandler face what had happened. If Sandler were known as a dramatic actor, Reign Over Mewould be remembered as his greatest piece of work.