Five “Baddest” Biker Gangs

The weather is starting to warm up so you know what that means, time to get out the bike. If you don’t have a bike, pay attention to people who do. A lot of times you will see bikers wearing the same colors and sporting logos and gang names on the back of their jackets. You would be surprised at how often you can spot biker gangs, even if they aren’t famous. Here is a list of the five baddest biker gangs who originated in America, and I’m not talking about Wild Hogs!

  Hells Angels
Was there any question as to who would be #1. It is unknown when the Hells Angels officially formed due to a strict code of secrecy, but the best guess is around 1948 in California. They have since expanded to Europe, Australia, South America, Canada, and of course all over the U.S. The Hells Angels have been investigated for charges such as murder, arms and drug trafficking, extortion, and money laundering to name a few. One of their most famous publicized events took place in 2002 and is known as the River Run Riot. Members of Hells Angels and rival biker gang, the Mongols, fought a brutal battle on the floor of the Harrah’s Casino & Hotel in Lauglin, Nevada. As a result, one Mongol member was stabbed to death and two Hells Angels members were shot dead. 

The Mongols are a Hispanic motorcycle club formed in Montebello, California in 1969. They were formed by Hispanic Vietnam War veterans who were denied entry into the Hells Angels because of their race. Naturally, the Mongols are one of the Hells Angels biggest rivals. The Mongols are spread across various states in the U.S. and have chapters in Canada, Germany, Italy, and Mexico. They are known for murder for hire, trafficking, and stolen motorcycles. Other than the battle with the Hells Angels in Nevada, the most publicized event involving the Mongols was Operation Black Rain. In 2008, 4 ATF agents infiltrated the Mongols gang and became full patch members. The outcome was 110 arrest warrants for racketeering. 160 search warrants were also issued across the U.S. Because of this the Mongols temporarily lost the rights to wear their patch and display their logo. Since then they have won the rights back. 


The Pagans motorcycle club was formed around 199 in Maryland. They are rivals with Hell’s Angels MC and the Warlocks MC. The Pagans can be found in various areas in the U.S., mainly eastern states. Pagans are known for drug and arms trafficking, murder, prostitution, arson, and racketeering to name a few. Pagans are a very violent gang who have battled for territory against Hells Angels for years. The most famous event for the Pagans was in 2002 when 73 Pagans were arrested in Long Island, New York for starting a huge fight with the Hells Angels at an indoor tattoo and motorcycle expo. Allegedly, a Hells Angel member shot and killed a member of the Pagans. Shortly after, a tattoo parlor owned by Pagans was firebombed and in retaliation Pagans shot and killed the Vice-President of Hells Angels Philadelphia Chapter. Hell’s Angels shut down their Philly chapter not long after.  

The Bandidos were formed in 1966 in Texas. They have over 90 chapters in the U.S. alone and spread throughout Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They are rivaled by, guess who….Hells Angels. They criminal involvement includes drug and arms trafficking, murder, extortion, money laundering, and witness intimidation (which that all gangs could do this without even trying). A member of the Bandidos murdered former International Boxing Federation Super Flyweight champion Robert Quiroga. The member, Richard Merla, stated “I don’t regret it. I don’t have no remorse. I don’t feel sorry for him and his family. I don’t and I mean that.” He was sentenced to 40 years in prison, which is shocking because it’s Texas and he showed no remorse. Can we say DEALTH PENALTY? The Bandidos immediately claimed that they had nothing to do with the crime as a gang and booted Merla from the club. 2 years later the Bandidos were in trouble again because a young motorcyclist who was trying to establish a Hells Angels Chapter in Austin, Texas was shot dead while leaving a restaurant. No arrest were made.  

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club is one of the oldest biker clubs in existence. Established in 1935 in McCook, Illinois, the Outlaws have around 200 chapters in the U.S. They also expand to Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Their #1 rival is the Hells Angels and the Outlaws often use an acronym “ADIOS” which means Angels Die In Outlaw States. They are known for drug and arms trafficking, murder, extortion, bombings, and money laundering. The Outlaws most publicized event was in 1999 when World Leader of the American Outlaws Association, Harry Joseph Bowman, was arrested after being on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for more than a year. He was wanted for three murders, the ordering of bombings, racketeering, and extortion. He is serving two life sentences. Sidenote: David Allen Coe was once a member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

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