Finding Buried Treasure In The United States

[ReviewAZON asin=”0743219694″ display=”inlinepost”]It may shock you, but there is an estimated FOUR BILLION dollars in buried treasure throughout the United States that has never been found.  This is treasure that has never been found because the people who buried it are no longer alive.  Here is a list of five of the largest, undiscovered treasure hoards in America.



Jesse James was the notorious American outlaw known for robbing banks and trains with the faction known as the James-Younger gang.  For 18 years (1864-1882), James forged a name for himself as an icon of the Wild West.  After James’ death, rumors sprang up that it wasn’t really him who had been killed and then there was a million dollars in gold bars that were left unaccounted for.  The money, according to legend, is buried somewhere in Missouri or Oklahoma.  It was taken from the robberies and buried somewhere, but Jesse James was killed before he could retrieve it.  Does it exist?  No one has ever found it.


myfivebest - 2CONFEDERATE GOLD

After the Civil War ended, Confederate President Jefferson Davis had millions of dollars in gold – enough to rebuild another army – hidden away in throughout the South.  The plan was to make shipments by train to Richmond, Virginia – the capital of the Confederacy.  However, along the way, much of this treasure was stolen.  It has never been found.  Rumor had it that Jefferson Davis stole it for himself.  Another group, known as the Knights of the Golden Circle, were supposed to be guardians of the lost silver and gold.  Most likely, the treasure was buried somewhere in Danville, Virginia.  Treasure hunters have been looking for it for years, but without luck.



During the early 1930s, John Dillinger was considered one of the deadliest gangsters and bank robbers in America.  In fact, the FBI considered him “Public Enemy Number One”, meaning that he was on the top of the list of people to put in prison.  Ironically, Dillinger may never have killed a single person.  He was accused of killing a police officer in Chicago during a shootout, but there was never a conviction.  Just three months before the famous outlaw was killed, he supposedly buried $200,000 in small bills in the woods between Wisconsin and Michigan after an FBI ambush at a place called the Little Bohemian Roadhouse.  Dillinger, famous for escaping tricky situations, fled with a suitcase full of money and buried it about 500 yards into the woods between two pines and an oak tree.  Many people have gone looking for the treasure, but no one’s come up lucky.



The year was 1878 and gold was shipped back east by stage coach.  One of these stage coaches, the Monitor, was an iron clad security vehicle carrying 400-pound gold ingots and diamonds, when it was attacked by gunman near Deadwood, SD.  Most of the money was recovered, but two of the giant ingots were missing and it was believed an outlaw by the name of Lame Johnny knew where it was.  He was captured by a local posse and they threatened to hang him if he didn’t confess to where the gold was hidden.  He didn’t. They did.  The gold has never been found.  If you want to go looking for it, you’ll want to find a canyon between Deadwood, SD and Cheyenne, Wyoming. The treasure is said to be buried somewhere near the old Canyon Springs Stage Station which is 35 miles from Deadwood.


myfivebest - 5PIRATE TREASURE

What list could there be about buried treasure without having at least one pirate tale?  This is the search for Captain Kidd’s lost treasure, supposedly buried off the coast of Long Island, New York in 1699, at a place called Gardiners Island.  It is here that Captain Kidd off-loaded his gold before being captured and hung.  While the specifics aren’t necessarily accurate, folklore has made up for the tale being taken seriously.  Captain Kidd did bury a small cache of treasure on Gardiners Island in a spot known as Cherry Tree Field; however, it was removed by Governor Bellomont and sent to England to be used as evidence against him  Supposedly, there is still more treasure buried there.