Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: He’s Innocent

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: He’s Innocent

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew PinskyFollowing country-singer Mindy McCready’s suicide this past weekend, Dr. Drew Pinsky has been taking heat for her death and those of five other celebrities who have appeared on his reality television show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Eighties has-been singer, Richard Marx catapulted his name back into the news by likening the reality TV host to “Dr. Kevorkian”. Besides being over-the-top, I feel this is a load of crap. I feel bad that there are five dead celebrities, but let’s face it, they did it to themselves. Blaming Dr. Drew Pinsky for their deaths is terrible and plain hype. The only responsibility Dr. Drew should have to be accountable for is making money off of a bunch of dope heads. The show is like Alcoholics Anonymous, but without the anonymity.


MINDY MCCREADYMindy McCready: Suicide

She’s a 1990s country music singer who was addicted to painkillers and alcohol and had a history of depression. Additionally, she had a host of other problems which included arrests for identity theft, DUI, and obtaining prescription drugs under a false identity. A month before her suicide, her boyfriend killed himself on her front porch. McCready shot the boyfriend’s dog before ending her own life. Rumor has it that she was worried that she would be held responsible for the death of her boyfriend, but gave no care for her two children who she fathered with two other men.


JOEY KOVARJoey Kovar: Drug Overdose

This 2008 reality television personality (I refuse to call them ‘Stars’) was first seen on MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood. He appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew to get treatment for his addiction to alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamines, and steroids. The body builder didn’t die of what can be considered a suicide, but of a suspected drug overdose at the age of 29. Is this Dr. Drew’s fault? He gave the guy advice on national television, it isn’t his fault if the guy went back to his stupidity.


MIKE STARRMike Starr: Drug Overdose

Best known for being the original bass player for the band, Alice In Chains, Mike Starr showed up on Celebrity Rehab to help with his methadone addiction. Imagine? A musician with a drug problem! Starr was also addicted to showing up on reality television shows to flaunt how he was getting away from his drug problem. Besides Celebrity Rehab, he also appeared on a spinoff show called, Sober House. The 44-year old musician was found dead from prescription drug overdose.


JEFF CONAWAYJeff Conaway: Pneumonia

Possibly one of the best-known people on this list, Jeff Conaway was the original ‘Danny’ in the Broadway musical Grease and the part of Kinicky in the movie version. He also appeared on television series, Taxi and Babylon 5.  He went on Celebrity Rehab for addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and painkillers. He had also made a public statement that he wanted to kill himself. While he has been mentioned several times on the internet as being one of Dr. Drew’s growing list of dead celebrities, Conaway died from complications related to pneumonia and the degenerative brain condition known as encephalopathy.


RODNEY KINGRodney King: Drowning

In 1991, Rodney King became a publicly known figure when he was beaten by the Los Angeles police department following a high speed chase. The resulting assault, which was filmed by an amateur photographer caused nationwide riots. King was not unknown to trouble. At the time of his assault, he already had criminal litigation against him for robbery. During his life, he would face a stream of legal issues. He entered rehab due to alcohol problems and appeared both on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. During his time there, Dr. Drew mentioned that if he didn’t sober up, King would end up dead from his alcohol abuse. Sure enough, in 2012, King was found drowned in his Los Angeles swimming pool. The death was considered an accidental drowning and he had alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana in his blood system. Dr. Drew’s fault? Hardly. Didn’t King’s mother tell him not to go swimming until a half hour after getting high?