Biggest Horseshow in the Country

ohiohorseReader Submitted by
Kathy C.

October 2nd will be opening day for the Ohio Quarter Horse Congress.  The 3 week show draws equestrians from all over the world as quarter horse owners vie for many prizes and titles. Make no mistake, this is big business but it’s also big fun.  The Ohio Fairgrounds will be transformed into a horse lover’s paradise of merchandise and of events.

number1The Bling
Quarter horse show people know how to turn heads with their turnout. I’m always utterly fascinated at the grooming of the horses and the riders.  The color combinations are endless and there is hardly a hair out of place on either horse or rider.  The silver, the leather, the rhinestone studded belts.  I always feel a bit underdressed.  This is the place to people watch

number2The All American Horse
I used to own a quarter horse until my aging back decided a gaited horse would be a better fit.  I still love quarter horses. And at this show you will see their top athletes.  You will see the LeBron James version of the quarter horse. You will see the versatility of this breed.

number3Puppy Alley
Let’s face it.   Most of us who are crazy about horses are also crazy about dogs.  There will be a special area for puppy sales and this is one of the highlights of the show for me.  The breeders are friendly and there is usually a wide variety of breeds represented.  Before puppy alley became official, people used to travel through the show with wagons full of their puppies.

number4The Demos
There will be a wide variety of demos including: Western horsemanship,  Hunter Under Saddle, Pleasure Driving (an interest of mine), English Equitation, Barrel Racing (yee haw).  Talk about variety and versatility!

For the price of admission, you not only get to see the competitions,  but there are lectures on navicular, the pre-purchase exam,  growing and baling your own hay, and equine ulcers.   Of course the competitions are the core of the show and the best and the brightest will be there.
Of course there is the shopping with loads of trailers to view and two exhibition halls filled with vendors. What more could you ask for in one event? Don’t miss Quarter Horse Congress, Columbus, Ohio. See you there.