Bigfoot From Around The World



Everybody in America has heard of Bigfoot –or Sasquatch- and they know of the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, but are there other creatures similar to our own monsters outside of America’s Northwest and Tibet? Believe it or not, there are Bigfoot sightings all over the world!  We don’t hear a lot about these creatures because the news media hasn’t mentioned them as much as famous monsters like Bigfoot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster, but they are out there and they are terrorizing people from other cultures.  Here’s a list of five other “Bigfoots” and where they are located.

number1 The Beast of Wales – Known as the Brecon Beacon Beast after a mountainous region no where near the area where the creature was sighted in Northern Wales. (Yes, I found this odd, too.)  The “Beast” stands about ten feet tall and stands on two legs.  It had dark, matted fur and red eyes.  Sighted in 2001 by a forest ranger, this beast looked “more bear than ape” and was not aggressive.


number2The Iranian Bigfoot – The tale goes all the way back to old Persian days when the people called the beast, “Daove” who was supposed to be an ancient, evil god.  Today, the creature, which is often sighted in the Nahavand’s mountain region near Hamadan, is known as Ghool Biabony.  Same look, same matted hair as the rest of them.

number3The Beast of Central Asia – The Soviet Union has records of a creature called, Alma, that wandered the region of Mongolia all the way back to the 1800s.  Unlike other reports, this Alma is a rougher, hairier human-like creature than an ape-man.  The creatures have been reported in Siberian labor camps.  Other stories involve the killing of these creatures at times during the Russo-Japanese war.  Some researchers believe the Alma to be the last descendents of Neanderthal man.

number4South American Hominids – The Mapinguary of the Amazon are hairy, bipedal creature that has been reported in the folklore and legends of the area for centuries. The way this monster is represented is not so much as an ape-man, but more animal-like.  Some researchers feel that it may be a giant sloth that lived in the area prior to the last Ice Age.  However, according to the myth around the Mapinguary, the creature has been known to speak and will punish hunters who violate religious holidays and is considered bulletproof.  While this is most likely superstition, there is enough evidence to give credence to a creature living in the jungle.

number5Akron, Ohio – In the Rubber Capital of the World lurks a ten foot tall monster that hunts and builds nests right off of the highways of this Ohio town.  Also known as “The Ohio Grassman”, this creature who resembles Bigfoot in many ways lives in lightly forested areas and eats from farmlands and cornfields.  Some have been known to kill dogs and chase deer.  Mothers and children have been allegedly observed and Ohio State University has done studies on the creature.  The Grassman has been spotted all over Ohio’s eastern half with evidence compiled, but it was in Akron that one of its nests was uncovered.