Best Halloween Costumes For Kids In Wheelchairs

Best Halloween Costumes For Kids In Wheelchairs

costumes for kids in wheelchairsHalloween is around the corner and there have been some pictures going around the internet of parents who have put together costumes for kids in wheelchairs. The two costumes that have come up most often, that I have seen, are of a construction worker (as seen on the left) and as an ice cream truck. The costumes are ingenious and it is heart warming to see that these children are having an equal opportunity to celebrate this holiday. I wanted to find more costume options available and found these five examples:


Rock Drummer WheelchairTHE ROCK DRUMMER

This costume turns the wheelchair into a drum set which technically could be made out of real drums. A simple white t-shirt and dark vest with sun glasses rounds out the costume. If you decide to go with a costume drum set, why not make the snare drums as an easy candy receptacle? This kid looks like he will be extremely happy with this rockin’ outfit!

Pebbles and Bam Bam


Last time I checked, Pebbles Flintstone was too young to be asking Fred for the keys to the family car, but times have changed! Here we have Pebbles picking up Bam-Bam for a date to the movies at the Cinerock. The “pedal powered car” comes complete with the animal skin canopy and faux wood chassis!



Batmobile WheelchairTHE BATMOBILE

Who doesn’t want to be Batman for Halloween? It is a yearly favorite and I remember being dressed as the Caped Crusader for Halloween when I was in kindergarten. One thing I didn’t have was an actual Batmobile as part of my costume!  These parents outfitted their comic book fan with this fancy Dark Knight inspired speedster. Got to love it!



Cinderella WheelchairCINDERELLA

Every little girl wants to be Cinderella, but when you are confined to a wheelchair the outfit might prove a little tough. What if you had your own Pumpkin carriage to carry you through the neighborhood? This little princess is outfitted in her ball gown and ready to find her Prince Charming! It’s a fairy tale come true! Note the added touch of leaves on the wheels…



Mario Cart WheelchairMARIO BROTHERS

As a lifelong fan of video games, I couldn’t pass up this creative costume of Mario and his cart from Nintendo. This little guy looks so happy sitting next to his mom in this costume. It looks pretty easy to put together, as well. A Mario outfit and some painted cardboard with numbers on the side and he’s ready to go!