Best Breeds of Dogs For Children

Best Breeds of Dogs For Children

Newfoundland Dog for ChildrenAre you thinking about having children but not sure if your pit bull is a wise choice to keep around your newborn?  Many of us are dog owners but are worried how the dogs will react around kids. Do you get a Dalmatian like they have in that movie?  Is Lassie a good choice?  Just because a dog looks friendly on the big screen doesn’t mean you should trust your young ones around them.  There are certain breeds that are better than others.  Here’s a list of the best dogs for you and your kids and the reasons you should consider them.



BEAGLE Best Breeds of Dogs For Children

My first dog was a Beagle named ‘Spot’.  I know.  Not very original, but I was seven and got to name the dog.  At least I didn’t name him ‘Snoopy’.  Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs, so you should have a place to let the dog run.  If  it gets out of your yard – especially if it is chasing a squirrel or other animal, you might have to go some distance to catch your beagle.  They love to chase!  Beagles make ideal pets for active children because they can play for extended periods of time and don’t tire out.  They are a medium sized dog that gets along well with other animals.  Be forewarned, they will chase your cats.  Beagles do need grooming and will shed, but that teaches your children to become responsible.


IRISH SETTERBest Breeds of Dogs For Children

When I was young, my cousin had an Irish Setter named ‘Red’.  Red scared the hell out of me because he was so big, but he was also very friendly.  Irish Setters are known for their red coats (thus, the name) and for being full of energy and very friendly around people.  You don’t have to worry about your children around an Irish Setter.  They also get along with other animals.  They grow to as big as 70 pounds, so they are a decent size dog.  You need a lot of room for an Irish Setter, so you will probably not want one for an apartment.

NEWFOUNDLANDBest Breeds of Dogs For Children

This dog is known as ‘The Babysitter‘ or ‘Nature’s Babysitter‘, so you can guess that it is a good dog to have around children.  This dog is very protective of children and is gentle around them.  They like large, open spaces and being around people.  The Newfoundland likes to run and swim and has even been known to be a lifeguard.  While the dog loves being outside, it really prefers to sit in the home in front of the fire place with the rest of the family.  Note: It has longer hair that does need grooming and sheds.  Other than this, you can’t find a better guardian for your children.

POODLEBest Breeds of Dogs For Children

When I think of a poodle, my mind immediately goes to the “froofy” purse dog with the crazy hairdo.  However, poodles are fantastic dogs that are great around children.  They also all are not tiny dogs with high maintenance grooming.  The main reason this dog is a good pet to be around your children is because it is wonderful if your kids have allergies.  Those tight curls (which are nearly waterproof) don’t shed, so the dog actually doesn’t leave a lot of dander.  The breed is very smart and doesn’t get bored very easily.  Most importantly, they have a lot of patience and are very friendly – even when your child is annoying them!

GOLDEN RETRIEVERBest Breeds of Dogs For Children

The Golden Retriever is one of the most loyal and faithful companions you could ask for.  It is a bit smaller than the more popular Labrador Retrievers, this dog has superior patience around your children and is an intelligent and docile dog.  They do need a lot of exercise, but that is mostly play time.  They can take whatever your kids can dish out.  You will find the Golden Retriever is not an aggressive dog  but will also not hide every time your children want to play.  They love to run and swim and have no problem being trained.