Best Adult Superhero Costumes For 2011

Best Adult Superhero Costumes

Captain AmericaIt’s almost Halloween and superheroes are a great choice for a costume.  All of the movies that came out this past year have made them an ideal choice for the parties where you might find yourself attending.  Be the hero this Halloween with one of these great costumes.  Here are my five favorite choices for superhero costumes for this year.




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Thor is the Norse god of Thunder and a superhero in Marvel Comics.  He was banished to our world after he defied his father, Odin.  You will find that Thor is suited in a winged helmet, armor, and carried a mighty hammer which he uses to defeat ice giants.  You might want to add a blonde wig to go with this costume and brush up on your own Norse accent.  It’s a good costume to have because he will be back next year in the movie, The Avengers, which is currently filming.

The Costume:
This costume is 100% polyester with a jumpsuit and cape.
The discs on the chest are molded plastic as is the helmet.
You can buy the Hammer separately.



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It is time to show your support for you country as this star-spangled hero (also from Marvel Comics) who was on the big screen this past summer.  Captain America, also known by his real name, Steve Rogers, was an all-around good guy during World War Two.  He wanted to join the army, but couldn’t due to his small size.  It was then that he met a doctor who promised to make him a superhero, like a regular Charles Atlas (I might be dating myself here). Captain America is born proving to be a real, selfless hero who is willing to fight the Nazis and anyone who stands in the way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  His arch villain was the infamous and sadistic Red Skull who wants to take over the whole planet.

The Costume:
This red, white, and blue costume is 100% polyester with jumpsuit, utility belt and hood.
The shield is sold separately.

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The Green Lantern is a hot shot Air Force pilot, named Hal Jordan, who discovers a magical ring after an alien crash lands here on earth.  The ring gives him he ability to create any object that he can think of, such as a machine gun, a giant club, or his own costume.  He just needs to bring his lantern along with him to recharge the ring from time to time, by stating the Green Lantern oath: “In brightest day, in darkest night, No evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power…Green Lantern’s light!”  Goofy, I know, but it really is a good comic book and the costume looks pretty neat and the muscles are added on for additional effect.

The Costume:
100% polyester jumpsuit with muscled chest.
Mask and ring included.



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Not to be confused with Green Lantern, the Green Hornet doesn’t have any real superpowers, but he’s rich and has lots of neat gadgets. He also has a side kick by the name of Kato who is a master of martial arts. The Green Hornet, while not as popular as the rest of the heroes on this list, is the longest living hero described here.  He first appeared on the radio in 1936 as young newspaper mogul, Brit Reid, who fights crime by infiltrating the underworld leaving clues for the cops, and then escaping in his technically advanced car, known as “the Black Beauty”.   Most recently, The Green Hornet appeared on the silver screen starring comedian, Seth Rogen.

The Costume:
A dark green knee length jacket with crisp lapels
Jade eyemask with shaped nose and a Green reporter’s hat
Does not include shirt, tie, pants or shoes

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X-Men: First Class was the surprise hit of the summer.  This fifth film of the series was directed by Bryan Singer, who directed the first X-Men movie and acted as a prequel to the original three films. One of the highlights of this movie was the character that would become Magneto.  Magneto is a very powerful mutant with the power to control magnetism.  Anything that is made of  metal can be moved and shaped to this mutant’s will.  While originally billed as a villain in the later films, Magneto took on the cape of a hero in this movie.  Now you can wear the costume of Magneto this Halloween and impress all of your friends.  Add a magnet somewhere on the costume for additional effects.

The Costume:
100% polyester Jumpsuit, Cape, and Gloves
Plastic helmet
Shoes and other accessories not included.