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Welcome to myFiveBest.com!

myFiveBest is an educational and entertaining web site where someone writes a topic and tries to come up with five examples to explain the reasoning behind their choice. This leads to sharing facts and opinions behind their choice. Topics can range from history, to politics, to entertainment, or anything the person can conceive.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea for myFiveBest is originally a car game my father and I used to play when I was growing up. One person would pick a topic and then the other would have to come up with five answers. Eventually, this grew into explaining why you chose those answers. The web site/blog is an extension of that car game…
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July, 2011: Appearance on the Down and Dirty Radio Show with Frank Fontana from HDTV.  I am at 33 minutes on the set and talking about Harrison Ford and his great movie roles.  You can hear it all at this link:  The Down and Dirty Show (July 31, 2011).


March, 2011: myFiveBest was featured as one of the “best” top five lists anywhere by B-Net.com (owned by NBC).  You can read their article here: B-NET Article (you can find us right underneath PC Magazine!)





Chief Writer and Laid Back Evil Mastermind

jimm_m5bJimm, aka the DUQofURL, has had a life-long love of gathering useless knowledge and bringing it up at inopportune times.  Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Jimm (yes, that is with two ‘m’s but the second one is silent), spends his days building web sites and SEO campaigns for clients and coming up with new top five lists.  When he’s not spouting trivia, Jimm likes to dress up in armor and beat his friends with plumbing supplies in the form of a Live Action Role-Playing game (or LARP) called NERO.  He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Maggie, and their “menagerie” of Porthos the dog (as seen on the web site), and his other three musketeers, the cats: Sebastian and Cassandra.

Jimm is currently an expert writer for Bestcovery.com.


Other Blogs I Write:

myWebSource1 Blog: This blog is dedicated to internet and small business practices. Lots of free stuff on the site to help you with your business.  Ideal for home workers, storefront owners, and marketing professionals.

The Sleek Geek: Are you a geek? Then this site is for you!  Trivia on your favorite television shows, movies, games, and more!  You can find gag gifts, office novelties, bacon, and thousands of other gifts. (www.thesleekgeek.com)

Fellowship of the Ring:  Blog dedicated to everything Tolkien!  Including books, upcoming movies, characters, real-world travel and more!

Know Your Ancestors: Knowyourancestors.org is a genealogy-based web site to help you discover your family tree.

Trucks and Tailgates: Who doesn’t love tailgate parties? Sitting on the back of your truck, having good food and good drinks.  This web site is for you!

Favorite Quote: “Procrastinators of the World Unite! ….maybe tomorrow afternoon.”




Author of All Things Random

dennis howell Dennis Howell is the proud parent of a beautiful girl. He is the founder of DallasProSportSpot.com and devotes probably too much time worshipping the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. His knowledge of useless information is questionable, however he IS convincing!












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