5 Top Excuses For Not Eating A Plant-Based Diet

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Eleven weeks ago, I went cold faux-turkey and started a totally vegan, no oil diet. I personally did this for health reasons because I was on a collision course with death and I am not quite ready to go there yet. The main goal of this dietary change was to get healthy, but the added benefit is that I’ve lost 80 pounds in those 11 weeks!  In this time, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to dozens of people who have been interested in the diet, but have made excuses on why NOT eating a plant based diet. Believe me, I did this, too, until I had the proper motivation. Here are some of my favorite excuses and how I’ve overcome them.


This is the first excuse I hear from people about this diet. “There’s nothing to eat!” I understand where they are coming from when they say this. I am a lazy person by nature and if it wasn’t for my wife always trying to find something interesting to make, I’d live off of rice and beans, baked potatoes, and rice cakes. However, she’s opened up my eyes to a lot of foods that I never would have expected. This week, alone, she made a delicious pizza with pesto sauce, soft pretzels, macaroni salad, and shepherd’s pie. Note, none of this had any oil in it, but we didn’t miss it at all. This also doesn’t count the fruit salads, fresh cherries, and corn on the cob we enjoyed during the week, as well. As you can see, if you just use some creativity, there is plenty of foods you can eat.


Eating natural foods is expensive in comparison to fast food or chicken. Fruits and vegetables just cost more at the grocery store. However, compare this to the cost of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes medication. Have you priced out the cost of open heart surgery? Cancer treatment? Suddenly, a head of lettuce becomes rather cheap, doesn’t it?

myfivebest - 3I’M TOO LAZY TO EAT THAT WAY

I have perfected laziness. I am possibly the most lazy person on the planet. Even still, I’ve stuck with this lifestyle change and you can too! Eating vegan has actually become rather fun. There are plenty of web sites available. Just Google “Vegan Fat Free”. If you are looking for a lazy way to lose some weight and be a little healthier, you should really check this diet out. In the eleven weeks of weight loss, I haven’t exercised at all – at least not what most people would consider exercise. I don’t run, I don’t swim (although I love swimming), and I don’t go for long walks. I just sit all day doing my sedentary job and I don’t eat meat or oil. Can you do that? I know you can!


No you don’t. Complete propaganda. America’s beef and chicken farmers tell you that you do, but you don’t. A friend of mine, who is a doctor at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, explained it to  me this way: Humans evolved because they were able to adapt to eating all sorts of foods. Neanderthal’s were meat eaters. Homo Sapien’s were omnivores (they ate meat and plants). The reason Homo Sapien’s (modern humans) survived was because they weren’t required to just eat meat. They learned how to farm. Farming was a lot easier than chasing down animals. It was also safer. Our bodies do need protein to survive, but not in the quantities most Americans eat it. You can get the required amount of protein for a day from 2 oz. of meat or from beans, tofu, or any other number of fruits and vegetables. You will also get fiber in your diet that is sorely lacking in the typical American diet.


Well, there really isn’t anything I can tell you here. If you think about it, you probably like some vegetables. Most people eat about 9 different fruits and vegetables and never vary. Give some other foods a try and see if you like them. A fat-free, plant-based diet isn’t so tough. It isn’t all just celery and plain lettuce. I personally HATE the taste of celery. I don’t eat it. When I was a meat eater, I didn’t eat liver, either. If you decide to choose this healthier lifestyle, no one will force you to eat anything you don’t like. You might even find a few things that you DO love!


Always talk to your physician before starting any diet.