Secret Government OperationsConspiracy theorists have an alternative answer for everything. However, they are sometimes the ones that unveil the truth behind real conspiracies that are performed by our government. While supposedly leading our nation, the government has come up with some really screwed up things that are not made for the benefit of society. Here are five different operations that the US government has done against the people of the United States. They may leave you asking yourself, “How could this happen here?”



Back in the early 1960s, during the Cold War, the Joint Chiefs of Staff came up with the brilliant plan to bomb and terrorize the United States so we could go to war with Cuba. They plan, which was called Operation: Northwoods, would bomb major American cities such as: New York, Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Chicago, and then frame US citizens and kill them in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses. Operations: Northwoods also included firebombing ships in ports and – get this – flying civilian airliners into skyscrapers! The really scary thing is that everyone of the Joint Chiefs: George Decker (Army), David Shoup (Marines), Georg Anderson, Jr. (Navy), Curtis LeMay (Air Force), Edwin Roland (Coast Guard), and Lyman Lemnitzer (Army), who was chairman of the committee, signed the proposal and sent it off to President John F. Kennedy. When JFK saw the proposal, he called an emergency meeting together and threatened to have all of them removed from office, given a court martial, and thrown into prison. He did remove Lemnitzer from the position and transferred to Europe. Kennedy did not bring this information to the public because he thought it would hurt the world’s view of the U.S. Military. Some people believe that the Joint Chiefs may have had a hand in Kennedy’s assassination. What do you think?




We’ve all heard of “Lame Stream Media” and how much they try to influence our minds on what we see of the world, but the rumors are actually true. Back in 1951, the OSP, the pre-cursor to the CIA decided that the United States really needs to see that Communism is bad. Really bad. In an effort to make us understand this, they decided to start Operation: Mockingbird. This plan was designed to persuade the national media to influence the citizens to hate and fear Communism. Television and other media journalists were bribed and threatened to write about the Red Scare and make people afraid. Operation: Mockingbird is the reason we had people like Senator Joe McCarthy in power. Not willing to stop with just the United States, Operation: Mockingbird moved to international espionage and helped to fund the Bay of Pigs invasion and the 1953 Iranian coup that put the Shah in power. They even tried to bribe Walt Disney into making anti-communist cartoons. Operation: Mockingbird is still in effect, though their initial purpose has changed. The media is still influenced by CIA dollars and they are still feeding the American public propaganda.




Have you ever seen the George Clooney movie, “The Men Who Stare At Goats”? It is based off of the CIA’s Operation: MK ULTRA. This was the American brainwashing project that involved using LSD and other hallucinogens to US citizens. Many of these people were college volunteers or prison inmates, predominately African-Americans. The movie, the Manchurian Candidate, depicts part of this experiment by creating unknowing assassins by planting ideas in their minds after weeks of drug-induced comas. Operation: MK ULTRA also attempted to erase memories of enemy operatives and find ways for people to use untapped parts of their minds. The program began in 1953 and was forcibly ended by Congress twenty years later. Although we have some basic knowledge of the actions taken by the CIA, all details will never be known because CIA director, Richard Helms ordered all files be destroyed in 1973 when President Gerald Ford requested information on the activities.




Back in the Cold War when many of these operations took place, the military was ready to do just about anything to keep the nation safe – even if that meant giving cancer causing agents to America’s poor. That’s exactly what they did in St. Louis and other mid-western towns. Operation: LAC tested the effects of wind on radioactive material by putting zinc cadmium sulfate (ZnCdS) into the air in populated areas of the country. ZnCdS is a radioactive compound that was released from airplanes, the tops of poor tenement buildings and inner city schools! Currently, the government denies any knowledge of doing this in St. Louis and, after a federal investigation in 1994, informed Congress what the substance actually was and that they have no evidence of it being harmful. Unfortunately, those that were baptized in this compound in the 1950s have a higher chance of terminal cancer. The fight is still in courts.




In 2013, with the public revealing by Edward Snowden, a 30-year old computer specialist with the CIA, Operation: PRISM was unveiled to the public. Snowden let it be known that the National Security Administration (NSA) had been spying on people throughout the United States and other countries through their computers and cell phones. In the US, this is unlawful without the permission of a search warrant, but, according to Snowden, they had been doing just that since the Bush administration. In his claims, he documented that companies such as: Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo!, Google, Skype, Hotmail and Facebook were all part of the scandal. The privacy of the US citizen was no longer sacred and Congress knew about it all along. The Obama administration went after Snowden who fled the country to Russia in late 2013. Currently, he is wanted by the U.S. government for espionage and hurting national security. But did he? Is this man a criminal or a hero?