5 Reasons To Keep Nuclear Weapons

Pro Nuclear WeaponsWe live in a nuclear-capable world.  The United States, while being the only nation ever to use this awesome power, are not the only ones capable of causing destruction.  There are several reasons for and against nuclear arms and in this article we are going to look at reasons to build our nuclear stockpile.  While many of you may not agree with this, feel free to look over our sister post on 5 Reasons For Getting Rid Of Nuclear Weapons.

They Stop Full-Scale War
One of the reasons that we haven’t had World War Three is because of nuclear weapons are a deterrent.  Other countries know, whether they have nuclear weapons or not, that a country armed with these metallic cylinders of death can really hit back hard.  No one is willing to lose land and resources, so they are less than eager to jump into a fight.  Because of the terrible destruction brought on by a nuclear war, the major powers are weary of engaging in warfare with any but the most defenseless of nations.  Additionally, with nuclear weapons and treaties between nations, it stops the powers from waging war with just anyone, since there is always the possibilities of consequences to their actions.

The Ever-Feeling Of Security
A nation with nuclear weapons has a population that feels secure.  Because their government can unleash the power of the atom, they have less of a reason to fear a foreign nation will try to go against them.  The added benefit of security makes people feel safe.  Just the mere mention of nuclear bomb can stop an entire country in its tracks from invading. These bombs, can save a country just by having them.

Can We Trust All Nuclear Nations To Do The Same?
Just because our nation decides to get rid its nuclear armament, how could we be so sure that Russia, or Pakistan would do the same.  They might say they do, but could hide their nuclear bombs until we are defenseless then strike us.  What would stop other nations, on the cusp of nuclear bombs, from building them and using them against any other country?  The purpose of nuclear weapons isn’t about killing.  It’s about intimidation.  By making an agreement to get rid of all nuclear weapons, we will just increase the suspicion between nations.  Getting rid of all nukes will make the world even less safe.

What If We Need Them For Something Other Than War?
Science is always making comments about meteors and other space debris heading toward the earth.  If we were to get rid of all of our nuclear weapons, what would we use if we actually needed to stop one of these life-killing events from destroying the earth?  Not to be tongue-in-cheek about this – I really don’t think that Bruce Willis is going to drill a hole in an asteroid, but we need something like a nuclear bomb to take care of this problem.  If they are all gone, the entire planet could be history.

Conventional Weapons Just Aren’t Nukes
While we are progressing in our non-nuclear technology, there is no weapon that can adequately do the job necessary of eliminating targets from an area than a nuclear bomb.  Right now, our troops are being threatened by roadside bombs, remote weapons of destruction, and terrorists hiding in locations that are incapable of being damaged by conventional weapons.  With nuclear weapons, we could take care of these problems without having to risk the lives of our soldiers on the ground.