5 Reasons To Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

No NukesYes, it is true the world is a dangerous place, but the fact is that nuclear weapons add to that danger.  With nuclear weapons, we are just instilling fear and distrust for the nations that have them and creating more hatred for our nations through the use of intimidation.  If you disagree with this, you may want to read my article of 5 Reasons For Nuclear Weapons.  Feel free to comment and weigh in on this explosive topic.

Having Nukes And Not Letting Others To Have Them Is Hypocritical
By having nuclear weapons and trying to stop countries like Iran to develop them is hypocritical.  This reason makes us an aggressor towards countries without nuclear power. The only reason countries want nukes is because Israel has them, and the US, and the United Kingdom. Why can we have them, but no one else?  Is it because they aren’t as responsible as our country and would give them to terrorists?  Remember, it was the United States who sponsored Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran War and we helped bin Laden during the Soviet-Afghanistan War – not some third world country without a stable government.

Nuclear Weapons Aren’t Conducive To War
I know that these items are made as weapons, but you have to look at the basis for conflict.  There is only one reason to go to war with another country: It is to gain power.  That power could be in the form of land, natural resources, or money.  It could also be used in the name of religion, but the answer is still the same.  To gain something the other guy has and get more power.  If we use nukes, we eliminate the gaining of everything.  All we do is kill and destroy everything that we’d want to be able to conquer or take over.  It doesn’t make sense to nuke a target.

Secrets Can Be Leaked
When Russia fell apart about twenty years ago, the biggest fear was that the codes to the nuclear weapons would get into the hands of terrorists or militia groups.  This wouldn’t happen if no one had nuclear weapons.  If there is no product like plutonium, or yellow cake, then there will be no one to make these items.  A stray nuclear weapon isn’t going to be sold or received by terrorists if there is no such thing.  Iran is a big worry because of two reasons: They might supply terrorists and they want to have nukes to defend against Israel.  If Israel doesn’t have nuclear weapons, then there is no reason for Iran to have them, either.  In return, they won’t sell a dirty bomb to terrorists.  Why? Because they run the risk of the terrorists trying to overthrow their government with another type of theocracy.

It’s Not Like We’re Planning On Using Them, Anyway…
Why have them if we’re not going to use them?  Having one or having one thousand nuclear weapons doesn’t matter if you are never going to use them to begin with.  The United States, Britain, and India have all stated that they have interest in lowering our nuclear stockpiles.  They know we’re not going to use the weapons.  Getting the rest of the world (China, Russia, Israel, France, and Pakistan) will be the next hurdle.  The greater threat today is from terrorism, not invasions from other countries. What moral reason does any nation have to keep weapons of such ultimate destruction?

Economically, Spiritually, And Morally – It Makes Sense
Nuclear bombs cost money.  We’re spending an estimated $8 billion (with a “b”) every year on the United States nuclear program alone.  That’s a lot of money to spend on weapons that we never plan on using.  That’s not including the “mistakes” we’ve had to pay for along the way, including: the 1966 nuclear weapons accident over Palomares, Spain which cost us $182 million, lawsuits from nuclear production and testing – $97 million (1990-1995), money paid to U.S. citizens under the Radiation Exposure and Compensation Act of 1990 – $225 million…and the list goes on.  Economically, nuclear bombs are devastating; they are against the beliefs of nearly every major religion in the world in regards to wanton destruction and death; and morally, how can one consider wanting to blow up people – not enemy combatants – but men, women, children, and the elderly, who may not even be a part of the war that they are dragged into?

What are your thoughts on a nuclear arms buildup?  Should we continue down the path of destruction or should the world put a stop to the power of the atom?