5 Reasons To Believe In Bigfoot

5 Reasons To Believe In Bigfoot

BigfootBigfoot is the stuff of legends: A seven foot tall monster roaming the forests scaring people and leaving giant footprints for us to talk about. However, they never seem to really hurt anyone and are never positively identified or captured. Does this mean they aren’t real or are figments of our imagination? Maybe. Despite my usual instinct to debunk any crazy theories like a giant monster roaming the countryside, I have a tendency to believe that Bigfoot exists. Why? Find out below! Let me know what you think about Bigfoot, too. I’d be interested in hearing what your theories are.


A LOT OF EVIDENCEBigfoot Foot Molds

Since I was a child, I’ve been hearing about Bigfoot (or Sasquatch, the Native American term for him). All of the evidence is sketchy at best, but there is just a lot of it. Footprints, hair samples, sightings, videos, etc…may not mean a lot if given one piece at a time, but the entire collection of data gathered is still pretty impressive. Also, these haven’t just recently been gathered, either. They’ve been found for centuries all over the planet. Science can try to discard them, but is everyone that finds a footprint in a riverbank some glory hunter trying to prove the myth of Bigfoot? I don’t think that is the case…

HE’S EVERYWHERE!Patterson-Gimlin Footage

Another thing that adds to the credence that Bigfoot is really alive is that there have been mentions of him all over the place.  You didn’t hear THAT first on Fox News! While the Loch Ness Monster is isolated to one lake in Scotland, Bigfoot is everywhere. He’s been “sighted” in every continent except Antarctica, so how can that just be coincidence? To the right is the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage of Bigfoot. Many people say that this is a guy in a gorilla outfit, but scientists aren’t so sure. The creature moves like a primate and is possibly one of the best showings of the elusive Bigfoot. Both Patterson and Gimlin have consistently dismissed allegations that they had hoaxed the footage by filming a man wearing a costume. Patterson died of cancer in 1972. Patterson’s friend and business associate, Gimlin, has always denied being involved in any part of a possible hoax.

WE’VE SCREWED UP BEFORENo one knew what a gorilla was until about 1850...

Until the middle of the nineteenth century, no one knew if the gorilla actually existed – and there are a lot more of these things running around! In fact, we didn’t know that the mountain gorilla actually existed until 1902, so that makes me want to believe there might be something else out there that’s fallen off the radar. Imagine a more intelligent species that was nomadic and roamed around during the night. Could they avoid detection? It makes one ponder if Bigfoot actually exist.


The coelacanth didn't exist in the past 65 million years, but one was found in 1938.

It’s not just a myth. There really was a ten foot giant primate walking around the earth within the last 100,000 years! It’s name was Gigantopithecus and roamed around China and India. They were vegetarians that lived for about 6 million years before dying off. They lived alongside humans (homo sapiens) and homo erectus. Is this where some of the Bigfoot legends have come from? There was supposedly a land bridge between Asia and North America during the same time period. Could they have walked across and settled in our Pacific Northwest? Could they still be alive today? Many species, long thought to be extinct (like the Coelacanth, found in 1938 after having been thought to be extinct for 65 million years), have been re-discovered. Could Gigantopithecus be one such creature?

SCIENCE ISN’T QUITE SUREScience Scratching their heads

This is the clincher for me. Scientists “know” just about everything, but they aren’t sure about Bigfoot. There are two camps of thought, sure, but no one is proof-positive that Bigfoot does not exist. Then again, they’ve been known to be wrong, too. Just a few hundred years ago they were pretty sure that the Sun rotated around the Earth instead of the other way around. And let’s not forget about those pesky Mountain gorillas (see above) who were hiding up until a year before the Wright Brothers flew an airplane at Kitty Hawk. Since most scientists don’t believe in Bigfoot, many of them will turn a blind eye to any new evidence that he may or may not exist. It’s just assumed that there’s no such thing. Maybe they should keep an open mind? What do you think?