5 Best Conspiracy Theories Ever

5 Best Conspiracy Theories Ever

Conspiracy TheoryConspiracy theories have been around for centuries. Many of them are outlandish stories created by people who think there is something “more to the story” than what is being told to them. In many cases, this is true. However, every once in awhile, you will hear a story so outlandish that you have to laugh at the absurdity. Here are five of the best.



Supposedly, there is a D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base) hidden under the Denver International Airport. It is supposed to be an eight-level concentration camp, complete with gas chamber. The rumor goes further to reveal that they may be conducting secret genetic experiments at this location. Who is “they”? Not the government. Denver is supposed to be the headquarters of the New World Order and, according to author Alex Christopher who wrote the book, Pandora’s Box, this underground base is not alone. More can be found in Dulce, New Mexico (where there are actually aliens living) and around the world. To find out more about Christopher, here is the transcript from an interview he gave in 1996. (http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/aliensindenver.htm)




In recent years, the term “Deep Integration Project” has been coming up on the internet. With the advent of NAFTA, the United States will assume control of both Mexico and Canada and creating one country, called the North American Union. It’s the ultimate in manifest destiny for the United States, which will be led by corporations. This could already be moving into effect with the Supreme Court ruling of Citizen’s United. Is the passing of Obamacare also a move to do this? Canada and Mexico are already both under socialized medicine. Is it coincidence that the United States is also following suit after decades of avoiding such a move?




Is it possible that there are reptilian aliens disguising themselves as human beings? It has been seen on television on more than one occasion where a government official or newscaster has been seen with pointy teeth or eyes with slit pupils. These are not just minor players, either, but Presidents of the United States! Are aliens among us, yet we don’t know it? Watch this video below. The information might scare you!


In 1974, a solid metal sphere, about the size of a bowling ball, was found in Florida. It appeared to be just a large stainless steel orb, which was originally thought to be a cannon ball, except for the 3mm triangular marking on the side. Normal, that is, until it started moving around by itself! The orb could be placed upon a table and would circle the surface without falling off. It could also broadcast radio signals and amplify sound. It was sent off to the local Navy base who examined it and determined that it was, in fact, made of stainless steel, but they were unsure of what it was used for or why it had these strange properties.  In the mid-seventies, this mystery ball made a lot of news. It was examined by scientists around the country. There were many reports of alien origin, while others claimed it was man-made. I, personally, heard that it was being kept at the Oak Ridge military facility. Suddenly…poof…it vanished and hasn’t been seen in years. What was this strange orb? Where did it come from and what was its purpose?




When the XBox 360 with Kinect came out in 2010 the gaming world lit up. Here was a gaming console that you could activate with your own movements – similar to the Nintendo Wii, but with greater accuracy and no controls. The X-Box actually scanned YOU while you were playing it with a little camera that moved with you tracking your motions. This is when the Conspiracy Theory followers picked up on what might actually be happening. Was Big Brother watching us? Microsoft actually mentions in the fine print that they are not responsible for any surveillance done by the U.S. government! Are we being spied on while playing Fruit Ninja in our underwear? What makes matters even more strange is that General David Petraeus, the ex-head of the CIA, also commented on using every day devices for the sake of homeland security. Now, Microsoft 8 is using the Kinect technology with their computers. Soon, the mouse and keyboard will be obsolete and everything will have this technology. Are we safe from spying in our own homes? You decide.