5 Necessities In Preparation Of Zombie Apocalypse

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Whether zombies are lifeless, flesh-eating creatures as featured in AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” or just the “sheep” who willingly follow all government directives, preparation will be key to survival.

Zombie apocalypse scenarios are as popular as ever on DirecTV and cable television shows, due to many people believing it’s really possible. The University of California, Irvine even has an eight-week course on surviving the zombie apocalypse, based mostly on lessons from “The Walking Dead.” But you don’t need to dig yourself into debt to become knowledgeable on the subject. Just keep these five basics in mind, and you’ll be just fine.

Hide For Five Years

Zombies can only survive for about three to five years because they continually rot. They will eventually run out of food after they infect a vast majority of the non-zombie population. Robert Smith, a mathematics professor at the University of Ottawa, even devised a mathematical equation that gives the transmission rate of “zombie disease” from one human to another, according to Live Science. All that stockpiling of food and water will pay off if you live far enough from the cities to hole up for a while.


Baseball Bats

Yes, a hollow-point .40 caliber bullet to the head will surely take down a flesh-eater, usually in one shot. But the thundering noise will let other nearby zombies know there’s fresh meat nearby. A Hank Aaron-type swing connecting to one of its temples will do the job. Once the creature is down, make certain to take a few extra swings to the head until its brains are completely destroyed.


Dress For The Occasion

Once the zombie apocalypse starts, throw away all sandals, shorts and any other clothing that exposes skin. A leather jacket is a necessity. They are nearly impossible to bite through, thus can buy you a few more seconds in the event of an attack. Steel-toed boots are useful for stomping a downed zombie to death. A pair of Kevlar pants and a good pair of running shoes are also essentials.


Head For The Hills

The natural fear associated with zombies may actually help you survive if you’re in an area with a lot of wildlife. That’s because zombies would be considered a delicacy to many animals in the wild, said David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation, via the International Business Times. He even goes as far to say a zombie apocalypse could not last longer than a few weeks because all the crows, condors, vultures and eagles would feast on zombies like humans do turkeys on Thanksgiving. Bears, coyotes and wolves would also find zombies very tasty.

Keep Your Sanity

The first zombie you shoot or beat to death will expose you not only to the putrid smell, but also all the slime and goo from their bodies. Food and water will be important to stockpile in any prepper situation. But wet wipes, soap and sanitizer should also be priorities for the zombie apocalypse. Make sure you have bandanas to cover your nose and mouth, and minimize your exposure to the smell. It’s also best to be with someone whom you are intimate with. Sex and intimacy will remind you of your humanity when everything seems bleak. Finding a way to laugh everyday will also increase your chances of survival.

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Article Written by:

Howard Dunn

Howard is a freelance writer from New York.