5 More Places to Look at in The U.S. on Google Earth

Jimm posted 5 Places to Look Up in The U.S. on Google Earth a few days ago that is very interesting. I have spent hours among hours looking up different things so I decided to post a few more coordinates for everybody to check out. These are a mixture of places and random things that I thought were pretty cool. Here are five more places to check out in the U.S. on Google Earth.

  A Launched Missile
38°13’36.05″N 112°17’56.56″W
Hopefully this was just some kind of military testing and nothing in the U.S. was blown to pieces by this missile. It amazed me though that somebody actually found this because it had to be really hard to spot if you weren’t already looking for it. I actually tried to follow the smoke to see where it came from but came up empty handed.

  The Hollywood Sign
34 08 02.7N 118 19 18.08W
We have all seen the iconic Hollywood Sign that overlooks Hollywood. There isn’t a movie set in L.A. that doesn’t feature the sign at least once. Every tourist to visit the area HAS to get a picture of it. Well, now you can go check it out from up above.

  Oprah Maze
So apparently an Arizona farmer is so in love with Oprah that he made a maze paying tribute to her in his field. Words that I never thought I would say, “I got lost in Oprah’s face!”

  Niagara Falls
43° 4’41.86″N, 79° 4’34.39″W
Although the coolest part of the falls is the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, I can still put the Niagara Falls on this list because it is also in the U.S. Located on the U.S.-Canadian border, Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, if you can’t make it there in person, check it out on Google Earth.

  Truck Crash
It is amazing to me what the satellite images capture. The satellite captured a picture at the perfect time in Bismark, North Dakota. I wonder if the truck driver would be a little less angry about this accident if he knew that he made it on Google Earth. (I’m sure he knows.)