5 Heroes Who Were Never Wounded

[ReviewAZON name=”heroes” id=”61″ display=”inlinepost” asin=”0761395482″ trackingid=”mywebsource1-20″ country=”us” width=”200px” float=”left” imagetop=”10px”]Are tere heroes who were never wounded? Sometimes movies make us believe that the hero lives a dangerous life where there are shoot-outs every five minutes.  Most often, there was a lot of downtime in between gun battles. Even still, there were still bullets flying at the people on this list and they could have been killed at anytime in their violent careers, but somehow they escaped injury.  That’s an amazing thing, if you think about it, and someone must have been looking out for them when the gunfire started.  Each of these men lived a remarkable life and were heroes who were never wounded in their lives.  Here are their stories…





myfivebest -1ELIOT NESSHeroes Who Were Never Wounded

As the leader of the famous Untouchables, Eliot Ness was in the thick of things in gangster-era Chicago. Because of his unwavering tenacity, he was able to bring the notorious mobster, Al “Scarface” Capone, to justice. While most of his day-to-day activities was rather boring, Ness was in charge of raiding Capone’s breweries and speakeasies which could not have been a safe job. Capone’s lieutenants threatened Ness’ life and there were two failed assassination attempts against him.  Unlike the television series and movies there wasn’t a tommy gun fight on the streets of Chicago every other day.  In fact, of the ten official members of the Untouchables, none of them were killed.  One man, Frank Basile, who was a friend of Eliot Ness, was killed by mafia hitman, Tony Napoli.  He was not a member of the team, though, and was a driver for Ness.  Eliot Ness died of a heart attack in his kitchen at the age of 54 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was never wounded.



myfivebest - 2ALVIN C. YORKHeroes Who Were Never Wounded

Sergeant York was one of the most decorated American soldier during World War One.  He was most certainly the most famous.  Ironically, he might never have fought at all because he claimed himself as a conscientious objector citing that God would not let him fight.  It’s a good thing that he decided to fight, too.  On October 18, 1918, York – armed with an Enfield rifle and a .45 pistol took out 32 machine gun emplacements, killed 28 German soldiers and capturing 132 others – BY HIMSELF!  Using techniques he learned hunting in the hills of Tennessee he stalked the German troops after most of his platoon had been killed. At one point, after his rifle was out of bullets, he took on 6 Germans, who attacked him with bayonets, with his pistol.  The Germans were so terrified of York – thinking he had a whole battalion with him – that they surrendered en masse.  York got the Medal of Honor for his feat of courage and left WW1 as a hero, completely unscathed.



myfivebest - 3WYATT EARPHeroes Who Were Never Wounded

Any fan of the Old West knows the story of Wyatt Earp.  He is probably the topic of the most publicized figure to come out of the time period. Starting out as a lawman in Dodge City, Earp moved to Tombstone, Arizona with his family in the late 1880s.  Here he got himself entangled in a fight with some local cattle rustlers which ended in the famous Gunfight at the OK Corral.  Soon after this showdown, his one brother was assassinated by the Cowboys and another was severely wounded.  This caused Earp to go on a killing spree that made him an outlaw.  More movies and television shows have been dedicated to his exploits than any other man in the Old West.  However, through all of these dangerous encounters, Earp never suffered a gunshot wound.  His favorite tactic of arresting someone was to hit them over the head with his revolver instead of shooting a person.  He lived on his legend as a tough cop and was able to talk his way out of many fights.  When the going got tough – like in the Gunfight at the OK Corral – he was just lucky.  He was the only person to walk away from that conflict unscathed.  Wyatt Earp died in Los Angeles, California at the age of 80. Many people think that his exploits may have been exaggerated by his wife and by Earp, himself.



myfivebest - 4JOSHUA CHAMBERLAINHeroes Who Were Never Wounded

Chamberlain is one of my favorite heroes of American History.  He was a college professor from Maine who volunteered to fight for the Union during the Civil War. He fought in the battles of Fredericksburg, Petersburg, Appomattox, and most famously, Gettysburg. By the end of the war, he reached the rank of Brevet Major General.  Just because Chamberlain was a general didn’t keep him out of harm’s way.  He was in the thick of battle throughout the Civil War. At Fredericksburg, he spent a night out in the field using dead comrades to protect him from enemy snipers.  At Gettysburg, he led the the 20th Maine in protecting Little Round Top and guarding the entire Union flank.  Three times the Confederates attacked and three times Chamberlain’s company forced them back.  Finally, out of bullets, he led a charge down the hill which finished off the Confederate line.  They moved him to a “safe” location the next day of the battle which turned out to be the focal point of the infamous Pickett’s Charge. His efforts won him the Medal of Honor and he went back to Maine, after the war, to become president of Bowdoin College and later the Governor of Maine.



myfivebest - 5GEORGE WASHINGTONHeroes Who Were Never Wounded

After everything we’ve heard about George Washington, it is hard to imagine that the Father of our Country was never wounded in battle. He fought for the British in the French-Indian War, led the Continental Army during the war of Independence and was known for his leadership roles in many major battles.  In truth, Washington just happened to be lucky.  He was an imposing figure that could fight and had some close calls on the battlefield.  Two horses were shot out from underneath him, yet he walked away without a scratch. In the end, it was pneumonia that finally killed him and not an enemy.  It’s not always true that those who live by the sword will die by the sword.  George Washington is a prime example.