5 Greatest Sports Films Of All Time

5 Greatest Sports Films Of All Time

Greatest Sports FilmsWhat were the greatest sports films of all time? Based on the money brought into the box office (by 2013 totals modified for inflation), plus critical reception, and award recognition make the following five films the best of the best. I was surprised with some of the results. Did you favorite movies make this list? I know one of mine did.






ROCKY (1976)

$437.2 Million

Rocky Trivia:

  • Starring Sylvestor Stallone
  • #57 All-time Greatest Film (AFI)
  • Shot in 28 days
  • Stallone insisted he starred in the film
  • Highest grossing sports film of all time
  • 10 Oscar Nominations/3 Wins
  • Sly’s 1 one-handed pushup is looped!
  • Adrian’s slow to kiss Sly because she’s sick.


Rocky was written by Sylvester Stalone after he saw Chuck Wepner and Muhammed Ali fight in Richfield, Ohio in 1975.


$221 Million

Pride Trivia:

Pride of the Yankees
  • Starring Gary Cooper
  • That’s really Babe Ruth!
  • 11 Oscar Nominations/1 Win
  • Cooper was right-handed, Gehrig left.
  • Cooper never played baseball!
  • The closeups were shot in reverse.
  • Gehrig’s disease is really called ALS.
  • “Luckiest man in the world” line was added.
  • Released 17 months after Gehrig died.


Pride of the Yankees is the story of Lou Gehrig, one of the New York Yankees greatest baseball players.


$277.5 Million

Heaven Can Wait Trivia:

Heaven Can Wait
  • Starring Warren Beatty
  • Originally offered to Muhammad Ali
  • The Superbowl Game was filmed at halftime
  • Remake of ‘Here Comes Mr. Jordan’ (1941)
  • Cary Grant refused the part of Mr. Jordan
  • Ali was unavailable and Beatty couldn’t box
  • 9 Oscar Nominations/1 Win


The story of a quarterback with the Los Angeles Rams dies prematurely and comes back as a recently murdered millionaire.


$276.7 Million

Maguire Trivia:

Jerry MaGuire
  • Starred Tom Cruise & Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Based on a true story.
  • Cameron Crowe directed this movie.
  • Was supposed to star Tom Hanks!
  • Jaime Foxx auditioned for Gooding’s role.
  • Cruise/Gooding ad libbed many scenes.
  • Tom Cruises’ 5th $100 million film.
  • 5 Oscar Nominations/1 Win 
 A sports agent comes up with a moral standard and loses his job when he explains his point of view. He goes on to use the idea with the only athlete that stays with him.


$168.5 Million

Chariots of Fire Trivia:

Chariots of Fire
  • Starring Ben Cross and Ian Charleson 
  • Based on a true story
  • The title’s based on a William Blake poem
  • Eric Liddle was born and died in China
  • Top song for Vandelis
  • 7 Oscar Nominations/4 Wins 
The true story of 2 British athletes from 2 different religions competing in the 1924 Summer Olympics. One running for fame, while one running for God.